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4 Best Travel Podcasts for Adventurers
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4 Best Travel Podcasts for Adventurers

4 Best Travel Podcasts for Adventurers

Do you have a thirst for travelling? Bringing you humour, entertainment, and a wealth of knowledge for your next trip, these podcasts will drive you to go on your next travel adventure. Inspirational conversations and exciting travel stories from some of the world’s best travel podcasts will undoubtedly awaken your inner free spirit.


The Best Travel Podcasts

From a walking tour operated by Indigenous Australians to exploring space, the following podcasts will transport you out of your living room and into a world full of adventure.

4 Best Travel Podcasts for Adventurers

The Travel Diaries

As one of the most popular travel podcasts in the UK, presenter Holly Rubenstein brings you the travel experiences that shaped many of her celebrity guests.


The Travel Diaries is a globe-trotting interview series that has featured guests such as Sir Micahel Palin, Dev Patel, Simon Reeve, and Sir Ranulph Fiennes. You’ll hear stories from guests’ childhood memories to their most formative abroad experiences, transporting you through the recounts of their best travel stories in moments of reflection and insight.

The podcast is listened to in over 160 countries every month, reaching 35,000+ listeners each week. It has retained the title of the UK’s #1 travel podcast since its launch in 2019, and is a mainstay in the Top 50 of the Apple Podcasts charts.


Armchair Explorer
The Armchair Explorer podcast is adventure storytelling set to music and cinematic effects. In each episode, one of the world’s greatest adventurers tells their best story from the road. No long-winded interviews, just straight to the heart of the action.


Hosted by award-winning travel writer Aaron Millar, Armchair Explorer is a collection of inspiring, action-packed and thrilling travel stories. Millar expertly interviews some of the world’s greatest adventurers and tells his guests’ best stories from the road. His magical ability to draw the best stories and anecdotes out of his guests will have you tuning into each episode in excited anticipation.

Wander Woman

Presented by Phoebe Smith, Wander Woman is a podcast series directed at female travellers. Mixing adventurous travel stories with tips on how to travel alone as a woman, you will be sure to be equipped for your next solo venture.


Smith is known for her love of adventurous and daring travel, often roughing it out in a tiny tent and getting down and dirty with wildlife and the path not taken. She endeavours to showcase the lesser-known travel destinations, inspiring others to take chances and explore those corners of the Earth that are stunning and off the grid. The podcast also shines a light on other unsung female travellers with the Wander Woman of the Month Award.

Zero to Travel

Zero to Travel is hosted by Jason Moore, who brings over 15 years of experience travelling the world. He shares his passion for all things travel in his weekly hour-long podcast episodes. His guests include fellow explorers who have achieved extraordinary feats, such as a 16000-mile journey from Argentina to Alaska to walking across America.


His podcasts also feature top tips on how to budget for travel, travel safety tips and how to work while travelling.

Think of Zero To Travel as an a la carte menu serving up whatever information you need right now that will help you add more travel into your life.

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Travelling can be exciting, inspiring, and thrilling, and these are some of the best travel podcasts that will invigorate your adventurous spirit. Some of life’s best experiences can be found while travelling the globe, and so it’s important also to stay healthy and safe.


Healthcare Australia can provide you with support if things go wrong in your travels and offer you helpful tips and advice.

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