Here is a selection of some of our most common questions we get asked by our Doctors to help you find out more about working with us. However, if you have a question that is not on the list below, then please do get in touch with the team and they will be able to help.

1. Why choose HCA Doctors Medical Recruitment?
2. What do I need to start Locuming as a Doctor?
3. What are the benefits of being a Locum Doctor?
4. How will I be paid?
5. How much will I be paid?
6. What information do my references need to provide?
7. Why do I need Professional Indemnity Insurance?
8. How do I get the Locum/Permanent work I want?
9. Is accommodation provided and travel reimbursed?

HCA Doctors, formerly known as LML Medical Recruitment, is the new name of our Doctors division.

Why choose HCA Doctors?

HCA Doctors annually fills over 15,000 doctors’ shifts nationally. Our team has over 50 years combined medical recruitment expertise. We have built relationships with most of Australia’s best private and public hospitals and top health care organisations, giving you the flexibility to decide when and where you work – whether it’s in a metro centre like Sydney or Brisbane or a remote community in outback Australia.

When you choose to work with HCA Doctors, our dedicated and experienced recruitment consultants and assistants will help you every step of the way.

We are never far away.

With offices based in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Auckland we have you covered with 24/7 service.

What do I need to start as a Locum Doctor?

To start Locuming as a Doctor the requirements tend to vary by facility. Our minimum requirements to get you set up are:

  • An updated CV
  • AHPRA – Full general registration
  • The details of at least 2 referees

Medical Council of New Zealand – Full general registration

Follow the link to find out whether you’re eligible to work in New Zealand –

What are the benefits of being a Locum Doctor?

Travel: You can experience local cultures across Australia first hand and contribute to improving the lives of local communities by working as a Locum Doctor. Travel around our beautiful coastline of Australia from Queensland to Western Australia or spend some time exploring our rural and remote regions [e.g].

Income: Our team works hard to ensure all of our Locum Doctors receive the best possible pay rates.

Flexibility: Working as a Locum doctor with HCA Doctors provides you with the flexibility to decide when and where you work.

Experience: Broaden your medial experience with a variety of specialities and locations you can choose from.

Development: Take advantage of our professional ALS courses to enhance your medical skills, knowledge and experience

Permanent placement – Sometimes our Locum Doctors are offered longer term permanent appointments as a consequence being introduced to the facility initially on a Locum basis.


How will I be paid?

There are several different ways our Locum Doctors can be paid:

Hourly – you will have a set hourly rate.

Daily – you will have a set daily rate.

On call – this is on top of your hourly rate.

Payment methods –

Australian Business Number (ABN): After receiving your timesheet you will be issued an invoice and will be paid as a contractor

Pay As You Go (PAYG): After receiving your timesheet you will be paid via the facility you have worked

How much will I be paid?

The amount you will be paid will vary depending on the location/region you will be working in as well as the level and urgency of the job. At HCA Doctors we will always try to get you the best possible rates.

Specialists > Up to $3000/day – NZ$ – up to $80/hr

Registrars > Up to $160/hour – NZ$ – up to $120/hr

Residents/RMOs > Up to $130/hour

GPs > $150/hour and/or % of billings – NZ$ up to $120/hr

Consultant/Specialist>NZ$ – up to $2,000/day

What information do my references need to provide?

You will be required to have at least 2 references – One of them must be a current Supervisor or Department head of a recent employer. Your referee’s will be required to answer a number on questions on your previous work experience and skills.


Why do I need Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Medical indemnity insurance protects both doctors and patients in the event of an incident arising from medical care.

Medical indemnity cover for doctors is a requirement of registration in Australia and New Zealand. For more information on Medical Indemnity cover click here

How do I get the Locum/Permanent work I want?

In order to get the Locum/Permanent please complete and send back the required paperwork to your consultant as soon as possible. This will allow your consultant enough time to have you accredited at hospitals prior to any assignments and enable you to be placed in positions that suit you.

Simple tips to ensure you get the work you want:

  • Keep your HCA consultant up to date with your availability
  • Inform us of which method of communication is most efficient: phone, email, SMS
  • Inform us of the specialties/areas you would like to Locum and where
  • Respond quickly when you are notified of an opportunity

Is accommodation provided and travel reimbursed?

This will depend on the facility and location of the Locum position. Your HCA Doctors consultant will let you know if travel and accommodation is provided or reimbursed prior to each assignment they will also organise all travel arrangements by liaising with both you and the facility every step of the way. Make sure you keep all travel receipts for taxis, accommodation and petrol.

If you have any enquiries that are not addressed in the Frequently Asked Questions, you may contact us by email or call our national number 1300 889 133.