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Submitting eTimesheets Submitting eTimesheets

Submitting eTimesheets

Authorise and request payment for the shifts you work | Submitting eTimesheets

The eHCA app provides you with the ability to authorise and request payment for the shifts you work. Through the app you no longer need to write out by hand a paper timesheet, this will save time and also eliminates the chance of losing a timesheet. For details on this option see the ‘Electronic authorisation’ section below.

In addition to these new ways of submitting your timesheet, this area of the app will provide you with a real-time view of the status of each of your shifts and where they are in the payment cycle. Through the app, you can even select which week you would like to be paid to help balance out your income.

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These options are dependent on the client you worked for, so please check if you can have your shift authorised electronically at the client first.

Electronic authorisation

If the ‘Pen’ icon is available for your shift, this indicates the availability of fully electronic submission of your timesheet. This means no need to fill out a paper timesheet at all!

Some clients (such as individual care clients) allow you to submit self-authorised timesheets, while other clients (such as healthcare facilities) require you to have your timesheet authorised by your shift supervisor onsite. Both of these can be done electronically in the app.

Once authorised, you can see the status of the shift in real-time from the Timesheets screen.

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See our video for a demonstration of how this works.

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