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What do do once your NDIS plan has been approved
Disability services (NDIS)

What do do once your NDIS plan has been approved

Has your NDIS plan been approved? Here’s what you need to do next.

NDIS planning is no walk in the park, but all that hard work and patience has paid off, and now your NDIS plan is approved. Congratulations! It is a relief to know that you’re going to receive the services and support that you need to reach your goals, but your journey isn’t over yet.

Even after meeting all the criteria, there are still several steps for you to take. Here’s our handy guide on what to do next with your NDIS plan.

Your Next Steps

It’s time to use your NDIS plan, following this simple list will make the process easier.

Step 1 – Read your plan or View your plan online

Read your plan! Your plan is active from the day it’s approved. You can find this date on the front page of your plan, whether you receive it via email or mail. It’s important to start using your NDIS plan as soon as possible so that you don’t lose your funding.

Take the time to read your plan to ensure you understand what supports are available to you. If you have any questions or need help understanding your plan, don’t worry support is available.

View your plan online. Go online to the my Gov website to view and manage your plan on your NDIS participant portal. You’ll receive an activation code with your approval letter. Make sure you keep this so you can access your portal. Your code will expire within ten days, so don’t wait too long to complete this step.

Step 2 – Get in touch with your NDIS representative (Planner or LAC) or Support Coordinator

Contacting your representative is a good idea. Their help can make this process much simpler. Your Support Coordinator or LAC can guide you through the process, from accessing the participant portal to finding the right providers.

Step 3 – Choose your support providers

You or your representative can contact service providers to set up your supports. You can continue using your current service provider or choose new ones. Click here to see our NDIS services.

Step 4 – Sign your service agreements

Once you’ve chosen your providers, it’s time to sign service agreements. These agreements will outline the terms and conditions of your supports and summarise the expectations for both you and the provider. Take the time to know your schedule of supports and understand how you will access them.

More Information

Once you sign your service agreements, you can start receiving your NDIS supports. After your first year on the plan, you can decide what aspects work for you and what needs to change for the future.

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