Allied Health Graduate Job Application and Employment Tips

by Pooja Wankhede – Recruitment Team (HCA Allied Health)

Congratulations on your Graduation! 4 years of hard work have finally paid off and now it’s time for your next challenge. Exciting times lie ahead. Looking for the right job can be full-time in itself. So to get you started on a “smarter” journey to job hunting, HCA Allied Health shares a few tips to assist you to find that dream graduate role.

Broaden your professional network: Professional networking sites are great for getting to know what’s happening in your sector. Join local industry forums or discussion groups to start building your social network and keep yourself in the loop for the latest job offers in your local area.

Let your friends and family know that you are looking for a job: Companies usually run a staff referral program to attract talent and hire someone their trusted employees can vouch for. Therefore, coming with a recommendation puts you at an instant advantage. Talking to your circle could open up an opportunity for you or you may find out about an opening before your competition does.

Do some research before you apply: When a recruiter gets to know you, one of the first questions they will ask is how much you know about the organisation. Do some serious research about the company before you make your move. You do not want to be caught not understanding who the company is and what they do. Chances are, you’ll stand out in their memory when they reach the decision-making stage. Ask questions and make sure, you see a position description before you say Yes! 

Perks are not all about remuneration: It’s not all about your wages. It is more about the holistic development and opportunities that an organisation can offer you. Social culture, training, and other allowances make a complete package. Does the organisation have #NewGradPrograms and other support structures in place? These are essential components to your success and journey as a Clinical Professional. Weigh an entire package that an organisation offers before you decide to join them. 

Employers today are not afraid to think outside the box for non-traditional recruitment strategies. This also calls for you to put your thinking cap on and engage with your dream organisation through different channels. HCA Allied Health wishes all the new graduate allied health professionals the very best in their job hunt. 

If you would like more information about HCA Allied Health’s new graduate training and support program, then call Pooja on 0449 9488 50 or email