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12 Days of Christmas Tips to get the shifts you want!
Agency Nurses

12 Days of Christmas Tips to get the shifts you want!

Casey is the International Candidate Liaison and part of her role is to help support all the backpackers in Australia working for Healthcare Australia (HCA). Casey is happy to help with any questions or point you in the right direction.

Over the last 6 years, Casey has worked across many departments at HCA. This includes our Recruitment and Operations teams in both Australia and the UK, she shares her 12 Days of Christmas tips for getting the shifts you want.

Day One: Availability ‚ Put in your availability and update it regularly. The eHCA app makes it easy to search for shifts. Not all shifts are listed in the app, some shifts with a specific skill mix are allocated by the Operations Team, so get in contact with the team if in doubt.

Day Two: Flexibility ‚ Put in as much availability as possible! Putting yourself down for early, late and night shifts will maximize your work opportunities over the festive period.

Day Three: Answer your Phone ‚ HCA may call from a private number. Always keep your phone with you, especially if you’re on the roster. My best piece of advice is to call us ASAP if you have a missed call from a private number.

Day Four: Get to know the Hospitals Nursing Staff ‚ If a facility is happy with your work they may request you for shifts even if you’re not on the roster. Getting to know your hospital well might also help with sponsorship in the future.

Day Five: Travelling to work ‚ During the Summer consider increasing your travel time to open up more work opportunities.

Day Six: Check for other shifts‚ If a facility no longer requires you, let the Operations Team know you’re still available for a shift and if possible, increase your availability for that day.

Day Seven: Introduce yourself ‚ Staff at hospitals are under the pump and it’s part of an agency nurse’s role to help during busy times. My tip is to be proactive, introduce yourself and always show up with a smile.

Day Eight: Review your preferred facilities ‚Add as many ‘Do Sends’ in the eHCA app and review any facilities you have marked down as preferred not to go to.

Day Nine: Get familiar ‚ If you aren’t familiar with certain terms used for a procedure, say something! You probably know it in a different term. Most staff are happy to help you, especially if you’re eager to learn.

Day Ten: Be a team player ‚Be that Nurse everyone wants on their ward.

Day Eleven: Have an open mind ‚If you have had a bad shift don’t rule out that hospital, with a different crew on the roster it might be a totally different experience.

Day Twelve (Bonus Christmas Tip): Be mindful of all the public holidays during December and January. Many surgeons take the time off to enjoy the Australian summer, so hospitals are generally quieter. This might be a good time to plan your adventures around Australia.

If you’re here on a Working Holiday Visa don’t forget the holiday. One of the greatest things about HCA is that we’re a national company so you can head to another state to work and see what Australia has to offer.

If you’re having any troubles getting work or if you want to know where the hot spots are in Australia to suit your skills and experience, please contact Casey on 08 7421 4643 or email her at [email protected].

You can also find her in our Working Holidays Nurses group on Facebook.

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