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Ergonomics Essentials Package Ergonomics Essentials Package

Ergonomics Essentials Package

Maintaining a healthy working posture is more important than ever. HCA's Ergonomics Essentials package includes a comprehensive 45 minute - 1-hr assessment with an Occupational Therapist to complete a Virtual Ergonomic Assessment of the Home Work Station. 

What does the Ergonomics Essentials Package include?

Virtual Ergonomic Assessment + Education

Employee Completes Online Competency

Recommendations, Referral, Client Reporting

Working from home Creating a safe & healthy environment at home


The Assessment includes a comprehensive 45 minute — 1-hr assessment with an HCA Occupational Therapist which is designed to:

  • Prevent future injury due to incorrect ergonomics at home
  • Optimise working posture
  • Ensure correct workstation set up
  • Provide ergonomic education
  • Identify issues or risk factors & report before injury 
  • Promote a safe working-from-home environment 

Online Competency

The participant is provided with a username and password at the Virtual Ergonomic Assessment Phase to complete the online competency assessment

Topic inclusions:


Mental Health

Physical Risks of Working from Home

Sitting Workstation

Standing Workstation

Home Environment



A comprehensive report is provided to the client following the virtual ergonomic assessment with the employee. This includes raw data such as:


  • The participant list
  • Contracted hours working from home
  • Date of Assessment
  • Recommendations
  • Assessed Risk (Low, Medium, High)
  • Online assessment completion rate (if applicable) 
  • OT Commentary
  • General lookups & definition


Recommendation & assessment follow up is available upon request and charged on an hourly basis.

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