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Workplace Occupational Vaccinations Australia-wide

We provide convenient and affordable on-site workplace Occupational vaccination programs for businesses across Australia.
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What are the benefits?

Stay Safe

Working in certain occupations increases your risk of contracting a vaccine preventable disease.

Stay Well

Employers can reduce this risk by implementing an occupational immunisation program to ensure their staff are appropriately protected.

Work Well

Many vaccine-preventable diseases are serious with the ability to cause lifelong complications. For example, hepatitis B can cause chronic infection that leads to ongoing complications whereas rubella can infect an unborn baby in the case a pregnant employee is infected. Infections such as these are highly contagious and have the ability to transmit between employees, their family, and the wider community.

Occupational Vaccinations

Our on-site Occupational Vaccination Program minimises the risk of your workforce contracting a vaccine-preventable disease. Occupational vaccination is recommended for employees who:


  • Are exposed to sewage, human tissue, body fluids or blood
  • Work in healthcare, with animals, with children, in remote areas or a laboratory
  • Are carers or emergency and essential service personnel

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