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About Healthcare Australia About Healthcare Australia

About Healthcare Australia

HCA connects healthcare professionals, organisations, and people to provide end-to-end healthcare solutions as needed. We fill the healthcare skills gap to ensure people in Australia always have the support they need. That's why HCA is Australia's #1 healthcare solutions provider.

Our mission

We promise to provide exceptional care, a strong sense of purpose for our staff and be a valued partner to our clients.

Our Values

Accountability value HCA

We are accountable

to the highest ethical, safety, clinical and professional standards. We fully embrace our responsibility as a healthcare provider and, more broadly, our responsibility to human rights and a sustainable environment.

We care

for our teams, those we care for and our partners. Our empathetic approach sets us apart.

We are team players

embracing diversity of our talents, we work together towards a common goal. Our aim is to deliver the best outcomes for our people, those we care for and our partners.

We are leaders

in every aspect of what we do. We use a blend of the best people, technology, education and expertise to create innovative solutions

We understand your needs

whether you are a member of our team, someone we care for or one of our partners. We strive to create a lasting relationship.

Zoe - HCA Agency Team

“I love working with HCA and the team is amazing! Not only do they provide great opportunities, but the management has been really supportive and proactive which makes me feel part of a welcoming community.”

Our Company

The HCA Difference

We aim to ensure that everyone has access to the right type of healthcare, at the right time. When demand for care outweighs supply (as it often does), we instinctively jump into action to fill the skills gap.

Leadership Team

Our leadership team ensures the business pushes boundaries in delivering the highest level of care and helping healthcare workers realise their potential.

Our History

Originally founded in 1972 as Malvern Nursing Agency, Healthcare Australia has become Australia’s leading healthcare recruitment and services provider over its 49-year history.


If making a difference matters to you – you’ll love working with us! Every day we improve the lives of thousands of Australians. Our work brings positivity and possibility.

Healthcare Jobs & Services

We exist to make a positive difference in people’s health and wellbeing by providing premium healthcare services across Australia:

At A Glance

What sets us apart?

1. We’re highly experienced

With almost 50 years of experience in connecting the healthcare workforce with those in need of support and care, we know what works well and what doesn’t. The Healthcare Australia Group has the confidence to deliver quality, efficient and flexible solutions across Australia.

2. We’re Intuition-friendly

HCA is skilled at sensing what healthcare solutions are needed. The flexibility to respond to the needs and requirements of various audiences is instinctual. Our workforce is trained to intuitively pick up the nuances of a new workplace and fit in to suit the circumstances.

3. We’re dynamic

HCA is active and well-known for its quick reflexes. As a leading healthcare agency, we’re always on our toes and ready to respond to an urgent need, whether it’s coming from a customer, an employee, or a patient. Being active and mobile is an integral part of who we are.

4. We’re human

We’re a team of humans, working to improve the health of other humans. While the industry is innovating through technology and digitalisation, we never forget that we’re people-focused. We respect human relationships and aim to make a big difference in people’s lives across the country.

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