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Testimonials | Agency Nurse

Here is why our nurses and midwives love working for us...

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New South Wales Agency Nurse and Midwife Testimonials

“I love working for HCA because they provide a variety of employment opportunities. The staff members are very supportive & understanding to the needs of each individual nurse. When a shift cancellation occurs or nurses provide their availabilities, staff do their best to find nurses other employment & often succeed in securing nurses employment.” – Terri

“HCA is fast, efficient and easy to engage with. I mostly value their relax and amazing relationship with us.” – Paulina

“I love the interpersonal relationship I am able to have with the team that books all of the shifts in! They make me feel really valued and part of a team. HCA have a great work culture and I am proud to represent them!” – Katie

“Working for HCA has helped make my international move a breeze! The staff are always very understanding, friendly, and helpful! They’re the best agency around!” – Alesha

“Great Company with a supportive and excellent reputation; Better management; Professionalism, eHCA 24/7 access online; Rewarding Program, great benefits; Better work/ Life balance Culture and values Much More…” – Jack

“I love working for healthcare Australia as it gives me the freedom to pick up work in a multitude of states and times that suit me. I receive in-house training that is always keeping me up to date and get to go to brilliant hospitals all around Sydney! I can work full-time hours or part-time hours and LOVE the app that HCA have that no other agency I ever worked for have! So flexible and staff are always happy to help. HCA has made it possible for me to travelling around Australia and discovers more of this beautiful country.” – Aoife

“Loved, cared for, respected and appreciated, describes being a part of the HCA NSW family. Giving me a great sense of fulfilment and belonging.” – Julia

“HCA is great because of all the varying, worldwide experiences the nurses are happy to share. Very friendly colleagues who have made me feel welcome in Aus. I’m based in NSW, working mainly at the Northern Beaches Hospital.” – Ellie

“Always fantastically supported by engaging and energetic Consultants who are true professionals who remove all the hard work by bringing amazing opportunity positions my way.” – Glenda

“Simply, my work-life balance is respected, valued, and supported. There’s always plenty of opportunities to further education and travel around.” – Francebelle

“Since joining HCA I have had the most amazing work/life balance. I feel I have complete control over my working life and for the first time I love my working schedule. I have total freedom to move around, travel, choose where and when I want to work. Its truly amazing. I never fear going into a shift because I have had the opportunity to tailor it to suit me!” – April

“I have been an agency RN for twenty years, so I know what I need in an agency, and I understand the needs of the agency as well when finding and keeping staff. HCA ticked all the boxes and still do. Annual competencies and training notified and organised in advance and provided free of charge… the ability to select any shift – morning/afternoon/night – through their industry-famous mobile app. HCA offer the ability to update/change availability with fair notice and also have a great incentive/reward/bonus scheme. Not to mention free starter and replacement uniforms and a broad range of local and regional hospitals to select shifts from, based on my skill set. If I really love and enjoy a specific workplace, HCA can arrange for me to work there permanently.” – Ivan

“HCA doesn’t treat me like a number, my skills are recognised. My personal development has increased due to the exposure I have been given working at the most modern hospitals. Thank you HCA!” – Cristian

“HCA NSW has allowed me to follow my dreams and gives me the flexibility to explore this amazing country. I am extremely grateful for this partnership.” – Sharon

“HCA offers diversity, flexibility, the challenge and meeting new people who you may not necessarily cross paths with otherwise.” – Chelsea

“I love working for HCA as it is ‘cool’, ‘fun’, ‘flexible’. And I gained a variety of working experiences.” – Yalan (Yalin)

“Plenty of flexibility to work around with. Staff are very helpful and you have the freedom of when and where you want to work.” – Atishma

“Convenient time better pay, choose a place where you want to work.” – Uma

“HCA is a company that cares for its nurses. Everyone from the manager to the allocation staff is engaging and polite. You feel a part of a family, not just an agency.” – Gail

“Healthcare Australia allows me the flexibility to create my own work schedule whilst maintaining a sense of community and support.” – Maddison

“Out of all the 5 agencies I’ve worked for none of them beats working for HCA. As they have more hospitals to chose to work for, great customer service and free training. Easy use of their online services. Their rate of pay is also the best. Thank you, HCA.” – Anna

“7 years I’ve been with HCA speaks for itself, it’s that simple!” – Cindy

“The flexibility of shifts, I work when i want, good pay rates and friendly admin/office staff.” – Ruci

“Working with HCA has been amazing. The opportunity to travel as part of that really spoke to my Gypsy Soul. Lastly, my current FT position would never have been possible without the professional connections made through HCA and I am forever grateful.” – Cate

“I love working for Healthcare Australia as they have opened so many doors and provided me with a variety of nursing roles that I wouldn’t have experienced back home. One day you are working in the Emergency department the next day you are doing corporate health assessments for some of the biggest companies in the world!” – Anna

“I love the opportunities HCA has exposed me to. From ED to Paediatrics, my clinical skills along with my confidence as a nurse have grown!” – Katie

“They have so many perks.” – Hannah

“Here is why I love working with HCA:
– excellent customer service.
– shows appreciation for their staff (international nursing day cookies).
– efficient and prompt support.
– PURPLE uniforms! (My favourite colour!)
– matched me with the perfect hospital for my speciality area (renal)!
It’s hard to keep it to 25 words or less .. but I hope that shows you how much I love and appreciate all that you have done for me!” – Sandy

“I love working for HCA because it gives me the flexibility to work where and when but most importantly to spend time with my family.” – Krystle

“At Healthcare Australia I am treated and looked after by the HCA allocations team in the Kootara office all very nice and supportive team. It is a pleasure” – Matthew

“HCA is very supportive and caring towards their staff.” – Sami

“Healthcare Australia offers the chance to explore the practices and different workplace cultures of different hospitals, along with meeting new professionals.” – Loth

“I love how easy it is to access shifts and timesheets on the HCA app. Also, I can contact a staff member to resolve problems quickly.” – Caren

“HCA are professional and well established. When I work for them I work with integrity. They always support me and I know they look after me. All the staff are approachable and friendly, with amazing customer service. They always try and find my work and keep me informed. I love the app, it makes life so easy. I love that you have offices all over the world and in Australia, so I know that if I ever relocate I can continue to work for you. I’m so happy that I chose HCA as my agency, absolutely no regrets.” – Suzzanne

“I love HCA loyalty towards their staff. I joined NAA I think in 2006 or maybe earlier…. not sure of the exact date/year. Now it’s under HCA. It’s always good to know I was an RN am safe and respected by them. I will continue to work with HCA. Haven’t picked up any shifts lately but will soon.” – Irene

“I feel appreciated working for HCA. They give me lots of work for which I’m very grateful and thankful. They are professional and let you get on with your job without interfering!” – Jo

“Healthcare Australia has been good to me all these 20+ years.” – Matthew

“I love working for HCA because they are innovative in technology for easier booking of shifts and there is always someone working hard behind the scene to support us who pick up shifts and ensure that everything runs smoothly. Also, it is the purple that counts and stands out, its reputation is very well known across the nation.” – Hui Voon

“It provides me with shifts that suit my needs and experiencing new places allows me to keep my skills up to date whilst seeing new facilities. Staff at NCA are professional and friendly and the quick pay option and the easy app is fantastic.” – Liza

“Staff are very friendly and have managed to find me plenty of work.” – Ashley

“My local HCA office know me very well and are always there to listen to my little gripes and complaints. It’s a “” quick debrief” and staff are really there for me in those times. I cannot imagine being afforded such personal space and support anywhere, as I enjoy with HCA. Forgot to mention the after-hours support from the Sydney office too. I know them by their first name now and my needs and messages are always passed on and actioned. Nowadays most of my office contact is either through the mobile app or directly with Alysha, who helps fill my shifts. Thanks, HCA – you are just as much family to me as you are an employer.” – Ivan

“I love working with HCA as I get to meet beautiful people from all walks of life, every day. It is so rewarding to work in many different areas all around my local area. I am respected by colleagues and patients and I value this experience. Thank you for having me on the HCA team since 2014, it is a true honour and privilege to work with you.” – Elizabeth

“Professional and high standard of care.” – Sujata

“Their contact service is amazing someone is always available on the helpline, pay rates are AMAZING and lots of perks to working for this agency. Someone is always contacting offering shifts as soon as I put my availability on my app. Couldn’t be happier working for them.” – Colette

“I love Healthcare Australia (HCA) because they offer me more work than I can handle, all in my chosen area. HCA ROCKS!” – Janice

“Flexible, shift abundance, good compensation.” – Krys

“I enjoy working for Healthcare Australia because of the bonuses, flexibility and ease with which I can book shifts, keep my training up to date and liaise with all the wonderful staff.” – Maya

“HCA gives me the freedom to both work and travel. HCA gives me the opportunity to work all over Australia in a range of hospitals and a range of different clinical settings including ICU, CCU, ED, children’s, surgical and medical. Overall allowing me to gain different experiences and help decide where I would like my further in nursing to go.” – Anna

“I LOVE working for Healthcare Australia (NSW) because of their smart, iPhone booking system — ‘place and pay any day. Secure and convenient without chasing paper slips. It’s a busy Sister’s best friend!” – Catherine

“I love working for HCA because of the flexibility it provides me with! It allows me to work when and where I want and has offices all over the country which is great for me as I am working and travelling for a year! I am planning on working in Sydney for two months and then travelling to Melbourne and working there before continuing my travels. Not many people can say they’ve completed their dream of travelling around Australia whilst working their dream job too!” – Grace

“Why I love working for HCA is simple because HCA gives nurses the flexibility, the choice to work in a different setting each time the choice is yours…whether is private or public setting, I was meant to stay for a short period end up staying for the past 28 years is that good!!!! so what are you waiting for? Join HCA and you will see the benefit of a rewarding job working for HCA.” – Doris

“17 years of great selection & plenty of shifts, not to mention the friendly, helpful staff. Wouldn’t work for anyone else.” – Catherine

“HCA has flexible hours and never one minute you feel bored, always meeting with people from all paths of a life dedicated to Care for people. I love HCA.” – Maria

“I love working with HCA as I get to meet beautiful people from all walks of life, every day. It is so rewarding to work in many different areas all around my local area. I am respected by colleagues and patients and I value this experience. Thank you for having me on the HCA team since 2014, it is a true honour and privilege to work with you.” – Elizabeth

Victoria Agency Nurse and Midwife Testimonials

“No hassle friendly and efficient service and team. 10x better than the original agency I signed up with! Recommending you guys to all my amazing kiwi colleagues.” – Stephanie

“Healthcare Australia, from an agency nursing standpoint, is convenient and offers a good booking system.” – Helen

“The team are always friendly and supportive when you are on a job. Great follow through for their team.” – Brett

“Being working with healthcare Australia for a number of years now and love the staff, they are all friendly and helpful in every way to find us work. The education is fantastic and learn a lot. I wouldn’t work for any other agency and highly recommend to others in joining.” – Del

“I love to work with HCA as this gives me an opportunity to work in different sites and to meet so many lovely people. HCA helped me a lot in knowing Australian culture and lifestyle. It helped to lay the foundation of what I am today.” – Gagneet

“HCA gives me the ability to travel Australia and always pick up some shifts to fund my travels! I have been able to work across many different clinical areas and have been completely out of my own comfort zone which has allowed me to learn and grow as a nurse. I will continue to work with them as long as I’m here and the friendly staff of course on the other end of the phone have to get a mention, they are like family.” – Emma

“I have worked for HCA/ASEPS for over 12 years. They offer great shifts, wonderful girls and boys on the phones, many I have got to know well, good pay rates and long service leave,l. Most importantly HCA supports their workers both professionally and personally. When I had a workplace injury HCA were fantastic, ensuring I was paid and offered the support and information needed during the process. I was supported and helped through my battle with breast cancer, my husbands battle with cancer and my sad death. Tina even came to his funeral, which I appreciated and was very touched by. This has all made me realise that I was part of a family with HCA, not just a number.” – Andrew

“I love working for HCA in Vic because there’s such a broad range of facilities to work at and I love doing something new every day.” – Kerri

“I love working for HCA because the allocations team are always so friendly and attentive to my wishes. I feel I know them on a personal level at this stage and that’s lovely!” – Caitriona

“I love working for HCA because it has given me so many opportunities to meet new people and work in different hospitals including interstate!” – Emma-Jane

“Working for Healthcare Australia means I am able to enjoy my holiday, and not compromise my career. I get to travel all over Australia and know I am supported by HCA to work wherever I go. The possibilities are endless.” – Shannon

“Lovely staff on the phones, and no matter how many cancellations they always try to go above & beyond to get you to work. I also love purple.” – Claire

“Flexibility, currently been for 3 years so I feel I can rely on HCA employment. Enjoy working with the clients I am mostly booked for and I am very lucky with pre-booked shifts. Customer service and extra benefits, such as cash for hours. Thank you HCA for looking after me.” – Elizabeth

“I am working from Melbourne, Victoria! I love working for HCA because of the wonderful staff! Rose has been such a great resource for me. Its also given me the chance to work in various areas through Melbourne and get to know the Australian healthcare system. Tie that in with the ability to pick my schedule 100% and I’m HCA’s #1 fan!” – Catherine

“Easy to organise my Shift via the app. Friendly staff.” – Paul

“I love having the flexibility to work when and where I choose, allowing me to explore the whole of Australia and fund my expenses simultaneously.” – Cameron

“The staff are friendly, cooperative, and professional – they appreciate my efforts and treat me with respect, like the important person that I am. They understand the facilities that I enjoy working in and look out for my best interests. The Education System within the facility is excellent. I have much control over the shifts I want to work which allows me a great work/life balance. They remember my birthday. One could not ask for more.” – Mel

“I worked for HCA because they are simply the best nursing agency, professional, task-orientated putting the interest of their clients first by providing best nurses and allied staff.” – Charles

“Really simple. It’s the people behind HCA. They treat us like family. Nothing is ever too difficult to sort out. Always made to feel special.” – Vince

“As a second-year Enrolled nurse, I find the experience I gain from working at various sites teaches me an amazing skill set, versatility, as well a providing a powerful knowledge base.” – Donna

“The professionalism of everyone H makes going out and representing Hca in the community such a rewarding experience and an honour to be part of the team.” – Karyn

“Healthcare Australia has allowed me to travel all over this beautiful country! I’ve worked in NSW, QLD and am currently working in Victoria with them!” – Leanne

“Dealing with HCA since I have joined I have found them professional, caring encouraging thoughtful and thorough. Submission of timesheets is so easy ability to be paid almost immediately is fabulous on those weeks when money is tight. I find they will go above and beyond to find you a shift when you need it. I’m extremely glad I joined the HCA team and highly recommend them to anyone thinking of doing agency work.” – Tammy

“It’s the vibe of the whole thing, the flexibility, the choice of work that’s yours, not anyone else’s, it’s the weekly pay and the great support we get from an employer that constantly shows how staff should be treated, that rewards entrepreneurs and hard workers. It’s just the vibe of the whole thing……feel the serenity!” – Kevin

“The hospitals I love to work at, also love HCA.” – Marion

“The flexibility so that I can spend more time with my 10-month-old without having to use daycare and also the friendly staff at HCA are so welcoming and approachable.” – Sarah

“I love working for HCA because I get to work in a variety of hospitals and on many different wards which all have different specialities. Because of this, I have learnt many different skills and it has also helped me realize which areas I like working in the most. This is extremely helpful to me as in the future I would like to go back to college and complete a post-graduate degree to specialize and now I have more of an idea of what courses I am interested in and what areas of nursing I like the best. In addition to this, it’s a huge bonus to have the freedom to pick and choose which days you want to work. The work is casual so you aren’t tied to a contract and you can travel as much as you want around Australia and pick up work along the way if you wish to! It’s a win-win situation!” – Emma

“Provides me with flexibility and the opportunities to experience different fields of nursing. Staff have always been supportive and make you feel valuable to HCA.” – Nicholas

“Fantastic flexibility and amazing pay! Also, the staff are super helpful and make being away from home (UK) a much easier experience! Thank you!” – Holly

“HCA enables flexibility to choose the right job and shift. A reputable agency and a long history of leadership in the industry. The recruitment process is good and they communicate effectively with staff.” – Nolen

Queensland Agency Nurse and Midwife Testimonials

“Most efficient well run nursing agency that you can work for. Professional and reliable. Staff are pleasant and conversations are always effective.” – Jacob

“I love working for HCA mostly because it has brought me into the lives of people who I wouldn’t have met if I weren’t nursing.” – Janie

“Healthcare Australia made my dream of working in beautiful Australia possible. I have gained so much experience and confidence. The best decision I’ve ever made.” – Caroline

“HCA is very personal. I know the allocation staff and they know me. They always try and find a shift that suits me. Their phone App is brilliant. I’m living the new work-life balance HCA brings.” – Julie

“Working in the tropical Townsville, HCA provides the best possible experiences with working in a wide range of facilities. I love working as an HCA RN for the freedom to work when I want and where I want while providing best possible quality care.” – Masoomeh

“I love working for HCA due to the wonderful, supportive and friendly staff. The range of facilities available to work in gives me a chance to strengthen and enhance my skills. The freedom to work a roster that enables work-life balance is perfect in this day and age for nurses with family commitments. Ongoing training and support are always available. Working for HCA also allows me to represent a trusted company with pride. I love wearing the purple shirt and showing that agency staff are fantastic flexible and knowledgeable nurses.” – Harriet

“As my first solo travel trip, moving from the UK to Brisbane has been the best thing I have ever done! HCA has been there every step of the way with continued support. I’ve met a great group of people here that will be friends for life. I’m also grateful for the flexibility of the shifts to allow me to do the important things like surfing, enjoying Brisbane’s nightlife and spotting wild kangaroos!” – Julia

“HCA Queensland has afforded me the opportunity to expand my overall knowledge and experience as a nurse, becoming more dynamic, whilst building new relationships. Thank you and I hope to be hearing from you!!” – Ashley

“It gives me the flexibility to care for my special needs children. It allows me to plan holidays when I want to go. When I study I can still have a guaranteed income. Most of all it is not dull as I go to so many different wards it helps me to develop my professional skills.” – Kirsty

“I love working for HCA as it allows me to explore this wondrous country, whilst maintaining a career that I adore. Hopefully, that’s a winning reason! I’m currently working in Mackay, Queensland and am a kiwi nurse whose home base is a mixture of Melbourne (my sister’s place) or Auckland (my mum’s place). I look forward to hearing from you soon. I’d really love some flights to Uluru.” – Alice

“I like working g for HCA because it’s an agency with a good reputation. Secondly, it allows flexibility to choose where and when I can work. HCA also checks in with me at times to see if my work is going ok and to update me on what I need to do/ update to keep my job with them. Lastly, they remember birthdays and that’s awesome. It’s great to work for HCA.” – Brenda

“I love working with HCA because I am able to live my best life! I love the flexibility I can get while on my working holiday in Australia. The allocation team tries incredibly hard to find my shifts at different hospitals. I am able to travel and work, and that to me is the best part!” – Ivan

“HCA doesn’t treat me like a number, my skills are recognised. My personal development has increased due to the exposure I have been given working at the most modern hospitals. Thank you HCA!” – Kimberly

“I’m currently based in Townsville & love working for HCA 💜 As I am able to provide quality care to patients whilst gaining experience in different settings. It also gives me the freedom I yearn to travel whilst being supported by the best team (HCA) 😄 I appreciate the support you all provide all year round.” – Jemma

“My name is Hannah and I am a registered nurse in QLD. I have nursed with HCA for 2 years and my biggest reason is for the variety in work. No two days are the same and I always see and learn something new on shift. Recently I moved from Brisbane to Townsville and HCA has been really helpful in moving as I got work straight away.” – Hannah

“I have not been in this agency for long and yet it feels like a home. I absolutely enjoy hearing from the dedicated Brisbane Team. They are always there to Support and Guide me with any questions and concerns I have. They treat me like a family and I have never felt at home anywhere else. This is why I love being an HCA member. Thank you for the opportunity and the loving family of HCA. I look forward to building the Care of the Future Together.” – Tamara

“I am constantly challenged and able to enhance my nursing skills with each hospital I visit, all while meeting fabulous nurses and travelling this beautiful country!” – Sophie

“Being an HCA nurse in Queensland is the best career decision I’ve made. It’s empowering, love the freedom of choice and opportunities. Thank you, HCA.” – Maureen

“I absolutely love being part of HCA as I feel like I’m helping more people from such a variety of hospitals! The opportunities are endless!!! I’ve worked for HCA in WA and also QLD and I just can’t speak more highly of this company and this team!” – Jessica

“The phone rings…. it’s John, he wants to catch up today. You call HCA as You start is in 3 hours and reschedule for another day. Oh John you want me to go out now for a champagne dinner! I’ll just ring HCA and reschedule for tomorrow….” – Anne

“I’ve loved HCA for 10 years. HCA gives me professional autonomy, keeps my outlook fresh and is flexible, allowing me to optimally manage family, business and career.” – Suzie

“I work for HCA as it allows me the flexibility to care for my 4 kids, although they are all young adults my daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and my son has Aspergers. By working for HCA I not only get to do the job I love but I can attend all my family appointments. I can get the thrill still of helping others when they are in need and then be able to help and be there for my family Who could ask for a better job Happy nurses day.” – Lorraine

“BALANCE results to WELLNESS….how I describe why I love to work for HCA. HCA is family-friendly + shift flexibility = Stress-free.” – Marie

“Ah.. it’s their professionalism, pay rates, such lovely staff and no problem is too small. It is their attention to detail that matters.” – Monique

“I love working with HCA because the shifts are so flexible being able to travel around working! I have worked with Melbourne and Brisbane teams most recently and they have been superbly helpful, understanding a joy to work for! Australia itself has the best health service comparing to my job in the UK!” – Clara

“Being an HCA nurse in QLD is the best career decision I’ve made. It’s empowering, love the freedom of choice and opportunities. Thank you, HCA.” – Maureen

“I love working for HCA. They sent me to Alice Springs, a place I’ve never been to, love my job, love Alice, people, staff, everyone is so friendly. HCA staff always check on me, offer trips back to my family, not that I’ve gone, job offers always are sent, and I received my box gift pack on Friday, couldn’t be happier.” – Rae

“I have proudly been with HCA as an RN since 2005. Healthcare Australia has provided me with “WORK, LIFE, BALANCE” & endless opportunities over past 14 years.” – Alison

“1. Staff are compassionate towards each other 2. HCA is very supportive towards staff 3. Flexible schedule 4. Competitive salary 5. Diversity opportunities.” – Gina

“Staff treat me with fantastic support, individuality, awareness of work preferences and understanding of excellence, employee safety, development and mutual love of caring for all.” – Margo

“I love working for HCA to have the perfect work-life balance. I have 2 autistic children, HCA allows me to facilitate the needs of my children without waiting years of study, skill and passion for nursing. Due to this, I remain inspired to continue my lifelong learning goals and have completed my masters in nursing. Without this job, I would have walked away from nursing completely and waited my entire life of knowledge and experience that I bring to the workplace.” – Julie

“HCA look after their staff, the wages are very good compared to some other agencies, and staff are easy to deal with and are eager to please and help their staff wherever they can. And there’s a wide variety of placements to choose from.” – Carol

“I love working for HCA because it’s easy to nominate your availability, the office staff are always friendly and kind. They assist you to continue training and place you in places that suit your level of experience and requests.” – Loahnna

“I love working for HCA because they are such a wonderful, supportive company. The staff have such a passion for the health care industry, and I love gaining more experience at different facilities. HCA is truly one of a kind and I feel so blessed to be working for them. Thank you.” – Renee

“Healthcare Australia staff are very supportive, polite & respectful, and all have great communication skills when organising our allocations. HCA encourages us to stay up to date with continued professional development & online learning, this allows me to deliver competent & confident nursing cares.” – Krystal

“After taking a break from the industry, working for HCA has made me excited about being a nurse again and reignited the passion for nursing when I thought I had lost it.” – Phil

“They are always supportive, understanding and always strive to allocate shifts considering preferences.I have been with HCA for nearly 4 years. Best Nursing Agency.” – Lisa

“They sent me to a great spot: Alice Springs. It’s been a great experience both work and play, had dinner with staff this week and met my managers, great to have that opportunity to mix rather than all over the phone and emails. Love HCA.” – Rae

“I have worked as a nurse for 32 years. Always having a full-time position and now working with HCA is giving me the flexibility to relax a little more and enjoy life. HCA I have work with them since 2005. Always happy with the staff and so friendly very professional company. I would and do advise other friends to give HCA go. They will not regret it. So happy with my position at AAMHIU at TTH. Can’t thank HCA enough for landing me my final calling in my nursing career. So so happy. THANKS.” – Colleen

“The flexibility to work and travel throughout Australia.” – Siobhan

“They are a national, global even, company. They provide practical competency sessions for free and are the preferred supplier for Healthscope and Ramsay healthcare groups.” – Kirstie

“Working at different hospitals the ease of transfer from city to city make the life for a moving nurse easy and rewarding. Being a HCA team member comes with pride and other facilities respect us.” – Ashlee

“Its the management team very accommodating and awesome customer service wouldn’t have it any other way as it says in the word TEAM together everyone achieves motivation that’s why I love to work for HCA.” – Claudia

“I have found HCA to be a reliable company to work for giving me a flexible working environment. The office staff understand the role of an enrolled nurse, provide support and guidance needed. It has given me the opportunity to develop and further my nursing skills with the opportunity to work rural and remote contracts.” – Linda

“Its the management team very accommodating and awesome customer service wouldn’t have it any other way as it says in the word TEAM together everyone achieves motivation that’s why I love to work for HCA.” – Claudia

“As my first solo travel trip, moving from the UK to Brisbane has been the best thing I have ever done! HCA has been there every step of the way with continued support. I’ve met a great group of people here that will be friends for life. I’m also grateful for the flexibility of the shifts to allow me to do the important things like surfing, enjoying Brisbane’s night life and spotting wild kangaroos!” – Harriet

“I have found HCA to be a reliable company to work for giving me a flexible working environment. The office staff understand the role of an enrolled nurse, provide support and guidance needed. It has given me the opportunity to develop and further my nursing skills with the opportunity to work rural and remote contracts.” – Linda

“The amazing recruitment team, the team that looks after all nurses allocates them shifts. The way everyone is so kind and caring. Takes the time to listen. The chance to work when you want, the communication and the easy use of the HCA app.” – Jamie-Lee

“HCA allows me the flexibility to create my own work schedule whilst maintaining a sense of community and support.” – Maddison

“Flexibility, variety, generous pay rates.” – Penelope

“I love the flexibility of working agency. I get to work in new environments, meet new people and learn new things every time I pick up a shift. The HCA app is easy to use and the call centre has always been helpful.” – Eloise

“HCA gives me flexibility, variety and the choice to fit my work around a busy life. They have a fantastic supportive team, and I can manage my shifts and pay with their simple mobile app that takes the hassle out of agency work. What’s not to love!” – Fatuma

“HCA respects my preferences and is supportive of my needs. I feel like a partner and not an employee. My consultant Eliza is wonderful and looks out for my best interest. The generous travel allowance is also helpful.” – Espen

“The placement staff keep in regular contact and keep me up to date with any new placements. I’m happy and proud to work for HCA.” – Sharni

“Moved up from Vic in February. heard nothing but good reports regarding the professionalism and friendliness of all staff. Have not been disappointed. Great Agency ” – Gayle

“HCA gives me flexibility, variety and the choice to fit my work around a busy life. They have a fantastic supportive team, and I can manage my shifts and pay with their simple mobile app that takes the hassle out of agency work. What’s not to love!” – Jamie

South Australia Agency Nurse and Midwife Testimonials

“Healthcare Australia is flexible. Healthcare Australia is considerate (to both the staff and facility one is working for). Healthcare Australia has a different kinds of training and plans for their staffs. These are all part of the reason why I love working for Healthcare Australia.” – John

“Wonderful and interesting work in a variety of health settings. The staff at HCA provide a great team environment.” – Glenda

“Purple shirts, grey skirts, flexibility, casual nurse, balance, multiple work environments. I love my job and feel utterly privileged to represent HCA!” – Jade

“1979 to 2019, from NSB to NASA to HCA, 40 years of versatility, the most respectful staff, wonderful varied work opportunities and many lifelong friends.” – Jennifer

“I love the flexibility of my shifts. Everyone at HCA is friendly and supportive. Also, love being a representative of a great organisation.” – Deb

“I love HCA because HCA has always given me chance to be a better version of myself,has always provided new learning opportunities. Staff are always looked after and are protected in every way possible. HCA has made Australia proud and I am fortunate to be part of this family.” – Kanchan

“Joined NSB in 1980 later changed to NASA and now HCA. Love the versatility with life changes, always treated so well and variety of work.” – Jennifer

“With the flexibility of choosing both local and rural and remote workplaces my job remains interesting while my skill base remains current.” – Marcia

“I have loved working for HCA as I’ve been able to work in two states, NSW and Sth Australia and that has suited my lifestyle. Along with all the variety of workplace settings that I have been offered to work in I have always felt very supported by the team at HCA and they have done their best to find work for me. As my role with them is on a casual job opportunity basis this has been suitable over the years. I can only speak very highly of HCA as a Nursing Agency and hope to be with them for many years to come.” – Kathy

“I LOVE the flexibility of working my agency shifts in with my life commitments. All the different hospitals welcome me. The Quick Pay option! : )” – Karen

“HCA has looked after me; staff are kind and caring. HCA is an asset to Australian nursing as it facilitated my immigration to beautiful Australia. Even if I don’t win, I’m happy to let you guys know that. Thank you for my job, my training, and the support I have received thus far.” – Jessica

“Having my life disciplined by a roster for many years , I now have flexibility , enjoyment and satisfaction with HCA.” – Jo

“H elpful E nthusiatic A ltruistic L ovely people on phones T eamwork H appy me C aring and considerate A dvocates for staff R ated number 1 E arning points.” – Carole

“I have loved my 26 years of nursing. Recently Healthcare Australia has given me the flexibility and amazing hospitals, places and nursing experiences.” – Fiona

“I love working in rural SA as an RN it brings many challenges, laughs and making new friends HCA is alway there for you for support chat whenever you need an advice help or just to say hi thank you all wonderful people behind the scene Marie Press.” – Mari

“‘I love working for HCA because working all over Australia is both an amazing experience and has motivated me to become a better nurse.’ I have mostly worked in South Australia this year but I’ve just recently moved back to Victoria so I’m not sure under which state I will be. Also it is my birthday on Tuesday the 14th of May, not that I am attempting to sway your decision in any way.” – Josh

“I absolutely love to work for HCA. There is so much freedom and support there. We can work as many or less shifts as we like. I always receive courtesy and respect from all the staff there. They make you feel a part of the team. Thank you for making my work life so amazing.” – Anna

“Health Care Australia is an amazing orgainisation, and is rated one of the top agencies in the world. I am houorned to work for this company. HCA allow you the flexibility to choose when and where you want to work. If struggling for sponsorship / visas as a travelling nurse HCA are very accommodating and ensure all options are explored for you. If it wasn’t for HCA I would not be nursing in this amazing country.” – Fiona

“HCA provides more shifts than any other nursing agencies. I love that I am working on a flexible schedule, which improves my work-life balance.” – Xandra Mae

“I love the flexibility it awards me and it always has shifts available.I love that it supports my practice and always has a lot of education for staff.” – Tendai

“Flexibility,and the HCA(high caring ability)extended towards myself by all HCA office staff and other HCA nursing staff.I have found warmth and acceptance.” – Elizabeth

“Wonderful and interesting work in a variety of health settings. The staff at HCA provide a great team environment.” – Glenda

“It gives me the opportunity to work in different area of mental health nursing , ongoing daily learning and being able to adapt to different challenges in short period of time.” – Issac

“I love working for HCA because it allows me freedom that other companies don’t offer. I get to choose when and where I work. I get to choose time spent with family, meaning I never miss special occasions because I have to work. I also get to travel as I do rural and remote areas. HCA offers its staff wonderful opportunities with training and education. Most importantly I want to thank all the allocators for the fantastic job they do with shift allocations and proving support to staff. They are quick to reply to any questions and always return phone calls. HCA is a great company to work for and I am proud to be a part of their team.” – Kerrie

“I love working for HCA because they uphold a great reputation, they allow me the freedom to chose when to work and the app is so easy to use, making payday a breeze. I’ve made some great friends in nurses that I met previously to joining and glad I did. When I go to workplaces I’m welcomed warmly and that’s due to the hard working nurses that have been there previously. You can always tell a HCA nurse as they are friendly, resilient and look great in purple! And that’s why I love working for HCA.” – Krista

“Because I appreciate working when I want to and the autonomy of working with HCA along with the variety of placements. The app and ease of rostering yourself and the support of the coordinators is also valued.” – Keith

“I love the different opportunities, locations and flexibility it brings. Since joining back up I have found myself 10 x happier with nursing again and my passion has returned for nursing. I even joined back up at uni because of how much I’m loving nursing again and that’s all thanks to you.” – Stephenie

“Healthcare provide flexibility to work as per individual need. It has reputation in market due to quality of staff they provide, which brings confidence to their employees.” – Madhur

“I LOVE working for HCA a it enables me to choose my own hours; work in a variety of nursing locations; utilise & expand my personal nursing skills; & easily transfer from state to state in order to live my chosen lifestyle. I meet many different colleagues, many whom happily share their nursing skills & knowledge. I never feel that ‘stuck in a rut’ feeling, as every shift provides variety. Training is offered to maintain competencies & the HCA staff are friendly, available & helpful. I would highly recommend HCA to my professional colleagues (& regularly do!!!).” – Karen

“Flexible Approachable- willing to listen and consider any concerned. Quick pay and great pay. Continues professional development training The communication among staff and management.” – Ashika

“Working for HCA is as adventurous, rewarding, educational and career developing as you want to make it – all at the convenience of your fingertips through the app!” – Anastasia

“I love the flexibility of working when it suits ME. I love the variety HCA offers from general nursing to midwifery to mental health over which disciplines I have been allocated shifts in the past fortnight. I love the friendly staff at HCA, always polite & obliging I love the professional way in which HCA manages educational sessions to assist us in maintaining our mandatory requirements And I love the way HCA says thank you each year with a Christmas party which is great to attend to put faces to names & mix with other nurses & midwives.” – Penny

“I love working with Healthcare Australia because: Worked with HCA for just over 9 years and HCA had never let me down. A supportive team which are all fantastic, very flexible hours and shifts are guarantee! Competitive pay according to your speciality! Highly recommended to everyone and you wont be disappointed!” – Hang

“It doesn’t feel like “work.” HCA allows me to choose my own schedule, explore South Australia, and challenge myself everyday while doing what I love.” – Kara

“WORK: variety of locations & learning. LIFE: & work balance. CHOICE: of where & when to work. What’s not to LOVE working for HCA SA!” – Morris

“It’s been pleasure working with HCA. It gives me flexibility and freedom to enjoy my family life. Lovely and friendly staff to greet me with positive attitude. It adds on to my income by the side of my regular work. I have been working for HCA as a PCW and now as an EN as well. Hopefully I will have pleasure to work as an RN after this Dec as I am in my last year of Study.” – Hetal

“I simply love working for HCA as there always there on hand to take a call if your unwell Listen to you if you have had a bad shift , and always going beyond and above to help place you in a position for work when your available I’m so grateful I work with such a great company!” – Lisa

“I love working for HCA for the flexibility and family friendly culture they are always promoting. there is never a shortage of shifts and always a wide variety of areas to learn in.” – Alexandra

“Healthcare Australia gives me the flexibility and freedom to work where and when I want. Teresa who mainly coordinates the mental health area is understanding and approachable. There is no power dynamics to manage. Always a win win situation.” – Anne

“HCA has re-sparked the joy I felt for nursing when I first started. Being a single mother of four there is little flexibility in my life however through HCA’s adaptability I have been able to reclaim my work life balance making me not only a better employee but a happier person. Without HCA I would not have had the opportunity to meet the talented and inspiring staff members I have worked with and I am now lucky enough to call friends.” – Sarah

“For the opportunity to incorporate travel and work so seamlessly, which is exactly what I’m doing. It’d be so amazing to win flights to see family back home 🙂 thanks guys! Tia, currently working in SA.” – Tia

“Every shift like a box of chocolates that you get to first. Take the best of what’s on offer and if you don’t like much of anything just leave it all behind. Always another box of chocolates tomorrow.” – Craig

“Having been with HCA since 1990 at its early stages I know the staff have always looked after me and have given me many opportunities over the years.” – Deborah

“To gain confidence , to love helping make a great happy day to anyone I care for at work, put on a smile always to say I am here to help and listen. Also to learn and meet wonderful employees. I wanted this role as an EN for a long time but a controlling ex did not let me until I left him and have been happy my life has improved through work.” – Jodie

“I love working at healthcare Australia since it gives me flexibility between 2x jobs and studying at uni for registered nursing, I’ve stayed with them for 7 years now, very organized when ever I need a shift during week! Thank you healthcare Australia.” – Kristie

“It’s flexible in times of uncertainty and provides opportunity to experience working in both the public & private sector! The support staff are always helpful & efficient, enabling the service to work for you! Also offers good courses for further training & development!” – Gillian

Western Australia Agency Nurse and Midwife Testimonials

“I started working for HCA in March this year and have had the most enjoyable experiences so far! The compassion in nursing is second to none over here! Unlike the busy NHS in England I feel here I have time to get to know my patients and provide the best standards of care and without HCA I wouldn’t have had these opportunities. HCA have provided great courses and resources to give me the best knowledge to adapt my skills to working in WA. They have been helpful from day one, a welcoming meeting to get signed up, supportive emails (which is always nice and reassuring when so far from home) and continuously doing there best to provide me with shifts. I would recommend to any other nurses wanting regular enjoyable and supportive shifts in WA.” – Amy

“I enjoy working for HCA because they go above and beyond to put you first and care about their staff.” – Alexandra

“Being A single mum HCA gives me the flexibility and choice to choose my own roster around my home life.” – Amelia

“What can I say, it is awesome!! I love working for healthcare Australia because of the flexibility, the new experiences, the new people and of course helping out other nurses get through the shift. I always learn new information, care for patients who need my special touch and get eternally up-skilled!! Love it!!” – Susan

“Great friendly agency that offers a variety of shift specialties & locations. Love the app for availability & timesheets/payslips. And definitely love the quick pay option for those days when you just need the money to pay for something.” – Jack

“I love working for HCA as it gives me the flexibility to work the days I choose, the amount of hours I want at the hospitals I prefer. The staff go above and beyond offering support when needed and making sure the shift suits my experience. Also working at a variety of hospitals makes for an interesting life. This allows me time to spend with my family on their birthdays, Xmas day and have holidays when I choose. I have been with the agency for 16 years and feel an extra duty to help out hospitals struggling due to staff shortages. I intend to continue with HCA until I retire as out of the 8 hospitals I have worked at during my career it is the best most convenient, flexible and rewarding lifestyle for me.” – Meryl

“Can work anywhere, flexibility and caring friendly staff.” – Amelia

“I love the flexibility of choosing my own hours and I love gaining experience from working in a variety of places! It’s been a dream!” – Ellie

“Consistency of shifts. Great flexibility good continued education and I have the flexibility to work when It suits me and I have the support of the organization.” – Narelle

“Because the HCA people: both staff and other agency nurses are such an awesome bunch!!! Just like family.” – Roanne

“I am happy with staff, they’re friendly.I am hoping to get some shirts soon.” – Veronica

“Flexible hours excellent pay good incentives.” – Gemma

“I love working with HCA as all staff are very approachable and willing to listen and consider any concerns voiced and with the ability to problem solve. You are given the opportunity to travel to different hospitals. This is very exciting and a great way to gain more work experience and new knowledge in a wide variety of hospitals. With HCA there is continuous education and improvement and plenty of training opportunities. It is a great agency to be a part of and all the staff are very helpful and friendly.” – Sara

“Out of all the 5 agencies I’ve worked for none of them beats working for HCA. As they have more hospitals to chose to work for, great customer service and free training. Easy use of their online services. Their rate of pay is also the best. Thank you HCA.” – Anna

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