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Celebrating 45 Years of service to the Healthcare Industry
Healthcare Australia

Celebrating 45 Years of service to the Healthcare Industry

Coming together is the beginning; keeping together is progress; working together to achieve results is success ‚ Henry Ford

In April, we celebrate Healthcare Australia’s 45th year of service to the Healthcare Industry. That’s 45 years of growth, 45 years of working with amazing healthcare professionals across the country and 45 years of delivering innovative healthcare solutions to our clients, shaping us into the leaders in the industry.

We invite you to celebrate our 45 Year Anniversary with us by reading the story of HCA’s transformation from a Melbourne based Agency Nursing recruiter to a National Healthcare provider, touching the lives of over 35,000 Australians in Care each year.

The Growth of HCA


In 1972, Healthcare Australia was founded under the name Malvern Nursing Agency, a small Healthcare Recruitment Agency based out of Melbourne.

Between 1980 and 1999 we saw the integration of NASA and Malvern Nursing Agency, as well as a number of strategic acquisitions across the country, including ASEPS (Theatre and Critical Care Nurses) and Acclaim.

In 2007, the company then known as Pacific Nursing Solutions, changed its name to what you know us as today – Healthcare Australia.

Over a long tenure of 45 years, many strategic acquisitions and continuous organic growth, we are regarded as Australia’s leading healthcare recruitment solutions provider, and have been for several decades.


Our Community

As of 2017, we have a total active workforce of 10,600 Healthcare professionals who fill over 300,000 placements in healthcare facilities each year. We service every state and territory across the country as we deliver care to over 35,000 Australians every day. Supporting our healthcare professionals are more than 290 corporate employees, located across 14 local offices throughout the country. We also have two International offices in New Zealand and the UK, focused on the recruitment of International Nurses to fill demand in priority locations.

We are proud to be playing an active role in delivering health and wellness support to all Australians.

The evolution of sixdiversified services

Over 45 years, we’ve placed all types of healthcare professionals in Permanent, Agency, Locum, and contract positions across every state and territory. With 100’s of exclusive and preferred provider agreements, we place healthcare professionals at over 500 healthcare facilities around the country each year. This gives our employees the opportunity to experience work in all types of environments; from CBD and metropolitan hospitals, to residential clinics, hospitals in rural hubs and remote indigenous communities.

In more recent years, we have had the opportunity to diversify from our core business of healthcare recruitment services, delivering services through government contracts, building training and education courses for all healthcare professionals and delivering Corporate Health and Wellness programs to leading companies.

Acquisition of Randstad Care

In 2015 we acquired Ranstad Care – Randstad’s Health & Community care business – now known as HCA Community Care. The merger created an opportunity to consolidate market leading positions in the Rural & Remote, and Disability & Community Care Sectors.

This acquisition brought with it multiple opportunities for internal synergies including; an increased capacity to offer Rural and Remote opportunities across Australia, a strengthened service offering to the Disability and Community Care industry, as well as in-home support and Direct Service (self-funded package) solutions.

Most significantly, this strategic move reinforced and consolidated our market leading position by allowing us to cover more combinations of sub-specialties than any other healthcare provider in Australia.

HCA Defence

In 2016, we established HCA Defence, following our successful bid to provide a permanent workforce as part of the Garrison Health Services On-base Subcontract.

We are extremely proud to be delivering the Australian Defence Force On-base Healthcare Services in QLD, SA, NT and WA on behalf of Medibank’s Garrison Health Services.

Our team of 22 full-time employees supports a permanent workforce of 550 Doctors, Nurses and Allied Health professionals looking after the physical and mental health of the ADF personnel that protect all Australians. It’s a privilege to play this vital role for our great country.

HCA Corporate Health

Another milestone in 2016 was the establishment of HCA Corporate Health, delivering corporate health solutions, including general medical practice services, vaccination clinics, health employment services and wellbeing programs to leading organisations around the country.

Our transition to becoming a registered and licensed provider of services marks a natural progression in our business strategy. The Corporate Health model showcases our significant human resources pool across the country, allowing us to launch into a growing market of Corporate Health and Wellbeing services.

Training and Education

In February 2017, we acquired the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) Employ-Ease. The Employ-Ease acquisition has delivered a high performing RTO with quality processes, experienced staff and a track record of compliance; a perfect platform for expanding our offering in the vocational training sector.

As Australia faces a desperate candidate shortage of workers in the Disability and Aged Care sectors ‚ a reported 46,000 Carers by 2020, the current training structures in Australia will not meet future demands. The Employ-ease acquisition has been a smart, future proof strategy to assist our clients against a dire shortage coming at us.


Innovation and technology have played a big part in our success in this digital age. We invest a lot of time and resources into thinking smarter and better which makes a positive difference in terms of value, quality and performance of our business.

Reflecting our investment was the birth of our Clarity Workforce Planning system, a response to the demand of our clients to better measure, control and reduce overall costs associated with contingent staffing. This unique technology has allowed huge savings for our clients whilst improving our patient delivery.

Similarly, we were the pioneers of utilising application technology to manage our healthcare workforce and client demands. With the ability to confirm shifts, submit timesheets, checkout payslips, as well as approving shifts, our award winning eHCA App has been a pillar of growth, making the agency staff lifestyle even easier.

HCA Home & Community

Following the completion of a long registration and accreditation process, HCA Home & Community is one of only a few National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) service providers in Australia. Thisenables our team to deliver a range of care and support services direct to participants who are funded under both the NDIS and State Based Disability Services.

To the future

HCA was built on the foundations of hiring a highly skilled workforce that thrives in a culture that promotes excellence. To this day, we continuously look to the road ahead, delivering new and innovative service offerings in response to the changing demands of the healthcare industry and evolving client needs.

Our values of Integrity, Sustainability, Excellence, Innovation and Collaboration are pinned to our Purple polo-shirts. These values are demonstrated by all HCA professionals, both healthcare and corporate.

We thank everyone who has played a part in our rich history and those that continue to work with us towards a bright future.

The HCA Team

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