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HCA's First Nations Artwork HCA's First Nations Artwork

HCA's First Nations Artwork

Healthcare Australia are thrilled to share our First Nations Artwork designed and crafted by Jirrbal, Wagedoegam, and Ngapuhi artist Beau Pennefather Motlop. You can learn about what the piece means right here.

Learn About the Artwork

Last month, your Brand Ambassador, Jess Tully, had the pleasure of engaging in a conversation with Beau. During the discussion, Jess had the privilege of learning about Beau’s family history and the numerous influences that shaped his upbringing, including his time living in New Zealand during his early years and later in Cairns. She also had the opportunity to delve into Beau’s creative process, which incorporates both practical and digital components.


Beau also shared the significance of the artwork created exclusively for Healthcare Australia. He provided insights into the meticulous thought and effort invested in crafting this piece, which was commissioned specifically for HCA. He shone a light on the rich symbolism embedded in the artwork. Notably, his inspiration was drawn from the vast scope of HCA’s work across Australia, encompassing regions such as Far North Queensland and the Torres Strait. His art highlights the support provided to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities facing health challenges nationwide.

Limited Edition Scrubs

The 2024 Rewards Program will be starting with a very exciting giveaway. HCA is giving away 250 sets of our new Limited Edition Scrubs to active employees across our nursing divisions. At the time of writing this scrub is only offered through this competition. To enter:


Winners will be selected 27/03/2024 and notified by the marketing team on 29/03/2024. You can see the full terms and conditions here.

To Win the Scrubs

Be active and working

Ensure you're with Healthcare Australia. If it’s been more than 6 months since you’ve worked with us you will need to rejoin.

Work 10 shifts or 6-weeks

Work 10 shifts between January and the end of March or start a 6-week Travel Nurse placement in the first quarter of 2024.

Receive positive feedback

Receive positive feedback internally and externally. This is your key to winning the new scrubs.

Artwork Visualiser

Admire the artwork as Beau explains the fine details, showcasing HCA’s story:

About the Artist

Beau grew up in Cairns, Far North Queensland, starting from the age of eight years old. His background encompasses Aboriginal heritage from the Jirrabal tribe of the surrounding Cairns region, Torres Strait Island descent from the Wagedoegam tribe of Mabuiag Island, as well as Ngapuhi ancestry from New Zealand. Their Torres Strait Island totems include Crocodile, Snake, Stonefish, and Remora, while their Aboriginal totem is Dingo.


In 2006, Beau artist began taking their art practice seriously, experimenting with various mediums such as pencil, pastels, and acrylic paint. They now primarily create their artwork digitally.


They have a passion for creating depth and dimension through the use of colors and size variations, incorporating an abundance of detail and intricate patterns. Additionally, they strive to strike a balance in their artwork by incorporating moments of emptiness and quiet. Their motifs and circular patterns represent a unique combination drawn from their three Indigenous heritages.

Artwork Map

The artwork includes various symbols and references to First Nations culture, Beau’s personal experiences, as well as Healthcare Australia’s role in the life of First Nations Australians.The underlying theme is ‘From Ochre to Oceans’ and there are numerous allusions to HCA’s connection to land as well as water which underlines HCA’s presence in metropolitan, rural, and remote communities across all states and territories.


Further, there are specific references to HCA’s role in supporting the health of First Nations Australians. One way this is depicted is through the dot work representing ‘Healing Spirits.’ Within the larger circles there are also symbols illustrating how HCA are yarning and connecting services to support communities. Outside of the larger shapes you find smaller circular motifs depicting the people currently receiving HCA’s support, as well as the communities that will benefit from HCA’s support in the near future.

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