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Part two – Interview with Dr Mark Norman

Welcome back to part two of our four part interview series with Dr Mark Norman ‚ Chief Medical Officer at Healthcare Australia Defence (HCA) and Medical Officer (MO) On-base at Australian Defence Force (ADF) Healthcare Centres.

In part one, we talked with Dr Mark about his medical background, how he began his career as a Doctor and his transition from work as a General Practitioner (GP) to working as a Medical Officer On-base at ADF Healthcare Centres. Check out the article here.

In part two, we talk with Dr Mark about why he loves working On-base and his contribution to the healthcare industry. Mark also gives us an insight into the work culture On-base at ADF Healthcare Centres.

HCA Defence: Why do you enjoy working On-base at ADF Healthcare Centres?

Dr Mark Norman: I love meeting new people every day and working On-base gives me the opportunity to treat different types of patients and work with a great team. The teams are close-knit and no matter where you go in Australia you will always feel welcome.

HCA Defence: You are very active in the healthcare industry. Can you tell us more about what you do?

Dr Mark Norman: General Practice has provided a world of differing professional opportunities and I have been most fortunate to work in almost every area of Primary Healthcare including City, Urban and Semi-Rural Practice, Aero-Medical retrieval work, Hospital and Defence related practice. Teaching and mentoring has been a focus throughout with training for Registrars and Medical Students over the years. Defence Medicine opened the doors to diverse and interesting medical conditions which incorporated much of the previous experiences in civilian practice.

HCA Defence: How do you find the work environment and team culture On-base?

Dr Mark Norman: Working with HCA Defence has been great. The people I work with in the facilities are fantastic and so are the patients. I really enjoy and am proud to look after ADF personnel, especially because they put themselves on the line to protect our way of life. HCA Defence as a company is supportive throughout your role with Local Regional Managers and Coordinators ready to engage with and support you. HCA Defence supports the clinical delivery through an Integrated Clinical Governance Framework incorporating a committee framework reporting system and appropriate data capture and analysis. This is the basis for a supportive quality environment.

HCA Defence: What is the main difference between working On-base and in a Private Practice?

Dr Mark Norman: The quality and standard of care On-base are the same as you might expect in normal General Practice, but generally you see fewer patients a day and have more time with each one. The cases are very interesting. I don’t have to worry about the admin side of running a business and can concentrate on being a Doctor. The absence of business related activities gives me more time to spend with my family and friends.

To hear more from Dr Mark Norman, look out for the third part in this four part series in next month’s blog. Dr Mark talks to us about his typical working day, the different locations he has worked at and the challenges he faces daily.

If you would like to work On-base at an ADF Healthcare Centre, registerhere(don’t forget to click Defence on the drop down menu) or email [email protected]



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