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NDIS Hospital Discharge Program | Kristina's Story NDIS Hospital Discharge Program | Kristina's Story

NDIS Hospital Discharge Program | Kristina's Story

Read Kristina’s story and learn how to develop an effective strategy to discharge participants as quickly as possible.

Step 1 Kristina Story

Kristina was 38 years of age when her life changed drastically after suffering a stroke. Before her stroke, Kristina enjoyed life, spending time with her now fiancé’ Jeremy and their two beloved dogs Caine and Angel. Kristina has spent a lot of time in hospital and rehab, which was especially difficult given heavy restrictions to visitors during the COVID-19 pandemic. The transition from hospital to heavily relied on the experience and professionalism of their support team.

Step 2 The NDIS's Role

The NDIS supported Kristina with core funding that allowed for 24/7 care. Without this assistance and the assistance that the NDIS also provided towards technology within the home, relevant therapists and Support Coordination, Kristina would have felt less independent and more reliant on Jeremy for all her care needs. Kristina’s Support Coordinator engaged the services of Healthcare Australia (HCA) a registered NDIS provider. HCA were able to initiate the commencement of support via Zoom. HCA’s ability to adapt quickly and adjust our procedures in line with NDIS recommendations ensured a quick response time which meant less time apart for Kristina and Jeremy.

Step 3 Hospital

HCA understands the importance of maintaining a solid relationship with all stakeholders across the transition period and beyond. This was especially true when it came to liaising with the Team at Caulfield Hospital concerning support worker training specific to Kristina’s needs.


Training was conducted with all Support Workers as well as Jeremy. Once it was completed, Kristina’s HCA Care Coordinator arranged sign-off by a Hospital representative, allowing support workers to be allocated to Kristina’s roster. HCA quoting, Service Level Agreement discussions, sourcing of suitably skilled staff and preparing staff induction began at this stage.

Step 4 Healthcare Australia’s Care Coordinator

An HCA exclusive, every participant is offered a dedicated Care Coordinator to ensure that required supports are organised and in place.


Constant, clear communication was imperative and ensured that all stakeholders were regularly engaged and notified of up-to-date information relating to Kristina’s care. At this point, HCA collated all medical documentation and health reports for Kristina, such as Allied Health reports, Behavior Support plans, medication authority, hospital recommendations, and family requests to deliver quality supports that are safe for Kristina, her family, and her family her Support Workers.


HCA utilised this information to generate a person-centered Support and Planning Tool and a Record of Care which was communicated to the HCA Team supporting Kristina.

Step 5 HCA's Process

Jeremy found this process a little confusing, which was understandable. However, HCA’s Account Manager provided Jeremy with the clarity he needed to feel confident authorising this. The process included:

  • We ensure full compliance with NDIS Practice Standards and ISO 9001 and take our obligations seriously.
  • Risk Assessment was completed in Kristina and Jeremy’s home to ensure safety.
  • HCA finalised the Service Level Agreement and quote to fit Kristina’s support requirements.

The discharge summary was received from the hospital and taken home with Kristina and her Support Worker. Updates were communicated to all staff and the documentation was then sent to her local GP for reference.

Step 6 Ongoing Support

The Rostering and Recruitment Team were engaged early, so Kristina and her family felt comfortable with the Support Workers chosen. We know that accepting help from others is a big deal, therefore, we connect every customer with someone they can trust and rely on.

  • HCA provides 24/7 phone support for all rostering requests, which enhances the support provided.
  • A communication folder is set up in the home to ensure everything is covered when it comes to supporting Kristina.
  • Regular reviews were conducted by the customer’s appointed Care Coordinator to ensure HCA supports align with Kristina’s care requirements.

If you would like to know more about HCA’s hospital discharge program or submit a referral, our team is happy to help and can get supports up and running in as little as 24 hours.

Benefits of HCA's NDIS and Disability Supports

Perfect Match

We aim to give you a comfortable and relaxing experience by connecting you with experienced and qualified Allied Health Specialists perfectly fit for you.

Dedicated Care Coordinator

An HCA exclusive, every participant is offered a dedicated Care Coordinator to the champion achievement of personal goals!

24/7 Support Line

For your peace of mind, our round the clock 24/7 phone support line is always ready to help you with emergency support services.

Attention to Quality

We give special importance to providing high-quality support and healthcare services across Australia. With over 50 years of experience, we know the difference that quality care makes to an individual’s life.

Free Expert Advice

Our team is happy to help support you through your NDIS journey. Have a chat with our consultation team to understand the best support services for you.

Happy Moving

If you move, we’ll move with you. Whether you’re moving to a new suburb or a new city, we have services across Australia to support you across various metropolitan and regional cities. We are there for you.

The care team have been extremely dedicated in meeting my client’s very complex needs and have endured many confrontational and stressful times. The care and responsiveness from HCA throughout the last 3 months has been outstanding whilst staying focused on providing quality support.

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