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Onsite Temperature Screening  Onsite Temperature Screening 

Onsite Temperature Screening 

We're experts at providing efficient on-site Health & Well-being programs for businesses across Australia. Following the closure of many worksites, Healthcare Australia is offering an Onsite Temperature Screening Program as many plan to re-open for business.

Competitive Hourly Rates

  • Discreet and simple body temperature screening, using infrared thermometers
  • COVID19 Protocol advice and implementation
  • Social Distancing practices and advice
  • Short or long terms projects
  • Multi-site coverage and 24/7 shift availability
  • 3-hour minimum shift

What are the benefits?

Protect staff, customers, visitors

Provide highly trained HCA corporate health nurses to screen for temperatures, equal to 37.5 or above to avoid further closures.

Add a layer of protection

Give your staff confidence that all people entering the workplace are screened and do not have an elevated temperature - one of the first symptoms of COVID19.

Minimise the spread

Identify individuals with a heightened temperature BEFORE entering the workplace to help to minimise risk to other staff, visitors and customers.

Temperature Checks Delivered onsite in multiple locations

Temperature Checks

We have 120,000+ healthcare professionals situated throughout Australia. With a breadth of resources, we can deliver onsite temperature checks at private events, offices, workplaces, and more in the following locations:

  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Adelaide
  • Brisbane
  • Perth
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