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HCA Home Care Customer Referral Program


At HCA Home Care we know how important good word of mouth and referrals are. We value our customers opinion and we like to encourage our customers to refer their friends to us so we can help them out with their Home Care needs. That’s why we’ve created a rewards program for customers who refer friends to us that will reward both them and their friend, our new customer.

Terms & Conditions

Referral Incentive Program Policy

Healthcare Australia’s (HCA) incentive programs are designed to support business goals and provide rewards for new and existing customers. This policy may be reviewed and amended from time to time and does not form a part of a customer contract.
HCA reserves the right to change the participation rules, suspend or terminate the Referral Incentive Program at any time.


Eligibility rules

• Existing Healthcare Australia or Home Nursing Group Home Care Package (HCP) customers may refer another Home Care Package customer to Healthcare Australia or Home Nursing Group
• CHSP customers are not included in this incentive

  • • The new customer (the referee) will be required to have an existing Home Care Package. Customer’s who are still in the process of applying will not be eligible.



• The new customer will need to have signed their contract with HCA and have services scheduled before the incentive is paid
• Both the existing customer (the referrer) and the new customer (the referee) should notify their respective contacts at HCA that they are participating in the referral incentive.


• Both the referrer and referee will receive a $250 Visa Gift Card

• The Gift Cards will be sent via email to the respective customers and can be activated and used immediately


Additional Information

The Customer Referral Incentive program will be available until 16 December. This means that the new customer will need to have signed their contract and have services scheduled by the 16th December. The services may be received at a later date.


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