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National Education Reward National Education Reward

National Education Reward

Up skill on us! Get reimbursed for applicable training and education courses each year thanks to HCA's new National Rewards Program

HCA National Rewards Program

  • With HCA’s National Rewards program you can earn exciting rewards simply by working.
  • Rewards are unlocked based on number of hours worked.
  • The incentive program runs from 1st January 2023 00:00 AEST until 31st December 23:59 AEST 2023
  • Applies to all employees registered and hours worked with participating divisions*
  • Your total hours counted towards the HCA National Rewards Program accrues on submission of approved timesheets. Timesheets must be submitted within 14 days of placement completion.
  • To remain active in the rewards, program a minimum of 1 shift must be worked within 12 weeks. Your total hours accrued for the rewards program will be reset to zero with no activity.
  • Your total hours accrued towards the rewards program will expire if employment is deactivated with no activity or terminated.
  • Candidate must be active to claim rewards.
  • Rewards programs hours are transferrable between participating divisions*
  • The onus is on the employee to redeem the reward.
  • Once a reward is redeemed the corresponding hours required for your nominated reward is subtracted from your total hours counted towards the HCA National Rewards Program.
  • To redeem reward, email request to the relevant division below:
  • Tax and super legislative requirements apply.
  • All T&C’s are at the discretion of HCA.
  • HCA reserves the right to extend, change or end this reward program without prior notice.


Rewards program includes:

  • Monthly giveaways
  • Uniforms
  • Education
  • Annual VIP Dinner
  • Refer a Friend


*Participating divisions – ASEPS All states, HCA RR, HCA VIC, NAA NSW, NAA QLD, NASA, WANA


Rewards Redemption

Rewards Minimum Hours Required

Full set of HCA scrubs

250 hours

Nursing and midwives booked into their first minimum 6-week Travel Nurse contract will automatically qualify for free scrubs (this clause is effective 1.01.24 onwards).


Reimbursement for eligible training and education courses per calendar year.


Annual competency updates; Understanding Vaccines and the National Immunisation Program; Midwifery Emergency
Course; Remote Emergency Course; Advanced Life Support; Pharmacotherapeutics / Carers Medication Administration training or any course which is deemed to be eligible by HCA and applicable to employment.


Reimbursement is payable upon submission of a tax invoice receipt, successful course completion certificate and accrual of points required. Note that you can only claim courses up to the value of $500 at any one time

250 hours = up to $500 education

500 hours = up to $1,000 education

Capped at $1,000 per calendar year.


Reimbursements for valid
– NPC checks
– WWC checks
– Mask Fit Test
– NDIS checks

Reimbursement is payable upon submission of a tax invoice receipt and your valid certificate or check application number where applicable.

100 hours = Reimbursement of the full value of one check upon submission.

(Reimbursements for the Compliance Cashback is applicable to checks dated 1.01.24 onwards).

QUARTERLY & MONTHLY GIVEAWAYS At HCA discretion and variable with monthly promotions.
REFER A FRIEND Refer to additional terms and conditions specific to this promotion below.

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