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Isolation/Quarantine Support Payment Isolation/Quarantine Support Payment

Isolation/Quarantine Support Payment

Stress less about travel. HCA's got your back if you need to self isolate and you're worried about costs.

HCA Rural & Remote Isolation/Quarantine Support Payment

Registered & Enrolled Nurses & Midwives who are accepted for and then successfully complete a minimum 8-week Rural & Remote placement, and are required to self-isolate on their return home (per the current government directives), will be entitled to a reimbursement of 50% of the OUTBOUND isolation costs.

  • The HCA R&R Isolation/Quarantine Support Payment is applicable for placements COMMENCED between 00:00 AEST 1st January 2022 to 23:59 AEST 31st December 2022. All mentions to the ‘dates of the incentive’ refer to these dates.
  • Terms and conditions of this promotion may be amended by Healthcare Australia at any time.
  • This incentive is available to all HCA Rural & Remote candidates travelling within Australia or New Zealand ONLY and commencing their placement within the dates of the incentive.
  • To qualify for the HCA R&R Isolation/Quarantine Support Payment, the candidate must successfully complete a minimum placement of 8 weeks.
  • This incentive MAY be used in conjunction with other R&R incentive programs including Travel Free with HCA, R&R Cash4Hours, R&R Education Allowance and R&R Refer a Friend. All Ts & Cs for these incentives must be met to be eligible.
  • This incentive MAY NOT be used in conjunction with the International Free Flight promotion
  • The candidate must advise their consultant of their intent to claim the SINGLE HCA R&R Isolation/Quarantine Support Payment within 14 days of successful placement completion and lodge the claim to the Accounts Department as soon as the tax invoice receipt is available. Claims MUST be finalised no more than 3 months following the completion of the placement.
  • The candidate is entitled to claim a maximum of 50% of the standard Australian or New Zealand government-imposed isolation costs as directed by the applicable and current government website at the time of isolation (This includes accommodation & meals).
  • If the amount to be reimbursed is not in Australia Dollars (as per the Tax Invoice), the amount reimbursed will be based on the appropriate currency conversion at the time the reimbursement is due to be paid.
  • If a candidate can isolate in their own home, no HCA R&R Isolation/Quarantine Support Payment will be paid
  • If meals/food are not covered as part of the applicable government-imposed isolation requirements of a candidate’s “home” state, then no additional reimbursement will be applicable for meals/food
  • Travel “home” must be completed within 7 days of the end date of the placement, after such time it is the candidate’s full financial responsibility to cover all costs associated with isolation/quarantine. HCA will not be obligated to provide any financial isolation assistance after this time.
  • The HCA R&R Isolation/Quarantine Support Payment ONLY applies to OUTBOUND/HOMEBOUND isolation (with the destination being within Australia or New Zealand) and NOT INBOUND/PLACEMENT COMMENCEMENT isolation. If inbound isolation is required, this will be facilitated by HCA on a placement by placement basis as different states and clients need to meet different requirements. Out of pocket costs may apply.

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