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4 Ways a Recruitment Agency Can Save You Time
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4 Ways a Recruitment Agency Can Save You Time

You can of course go direct to healthcare organisations by emailing, calling or delivering your resumes or CVs yourself. However, that may mean you only reach a small network and it can be quite time consuming.

By using a recruitment agency job seekers conserve valuable time and are able to get right to work.

The following covers four ways you can save time by using a recruitment agency to look for a nursing job.

1) Access to more jobs: Recruitment agencies have large networks of clients who need nurses and other healthcare workers. Most of these medical facilities would rather partner up with an agency than spend their precious time and money posting jobs online or advertising their job openings. Another benefit is that you as a candidate are already screened through the agency which is a huge advantage. Once your screening has been done all you need to do is fill out your job application to be seen by the huge network of clients via the agency.

2) Salary negotiations: If you’ve been given a job offer, you may dread going through the salary and benefits negotiation process. You can skip these negotiations entirely by enlisting the services of an agency. Agencies know the value of nurses with various skills and specialties. Instead of negotiating with a healthcare organisation yourself, the recruitment agency has already taken care of that task. Now you’ve just saved the time it would take to go through this process.

3) Variety of positions: It’s unlikely you will ever have access to as many temporary, permanent, locum, or contract nursing jobs a recruitment agency offers. You save time choosing your ideal job type by telling the nursing agency what you want. They can open up more opportunities suited to your wants and needs in various positions, which saves you time spent trying to find them yourself.

4) Flexibility in shifts: Nurses are typically assigned shifts when they take a job at a hospital or medical facility. Often, you won’t get a choice as to your shift hours. With a recruitment agency you get to choose your own shifts. This built-in flexibility saves you time by allowing you to choose when you want to be at home or with family and friends.

Almost anything you can think of that goes with a job search can be done in less time and with less effort when you choose a recruitment agency.

HCA is a nursing agency that saves you time over looking for work on your own. Whether you’re looking for permanent, temporary, or locum work, Healthcare Australia can provide you with viable options. If you’re looking to save time in your job search for a nursing job, register with us online or call us at 1 300 422 247.

If you would like to discuss your Aged Care Learning needs and how the HCA LMS might match your organisational requirements, contact us today.

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