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NDIA PACE System – What it means for Participants

NDIA PACE System – What it means for Participants

What is PACE?
PACE is the NDIA’s new computer system.
It will eventually replace the NDIA’s existing system and will remove the requirement of service bookings.


How does PACE affect me as a Participant?
PACE will allocate funding at the Category level rather than the service level meaning you have more flexibility on how funds are spent.

You will also have more control over who can see different parts of your NDIS details by providing consent for your chosen providers to access information. For example, you may just allow your providers to view your contacts details or your NDIS goals.


When will PACE be rolled out?
The NDIA rolled out PACE nationally from 30th October 2023. The NDIA have advised the rollout will occur over an 18-month period.
New participants will be rolled out onto PACE first, followed by existing participants as they start a new plan.
Any existing participants with a plan that rolls over will stay on the old system until they receive a new plan.


How will participants know they have moved onto PACE?
New participants should be notified that they have moved to PACE during their planning meeting.

Will PACE mean providers can view participant plans?
PACE will make it easier for providers to access a participant’s plan if they have the appropriate consent. Under PACE:
• Support coordinators and psychosocial recovery coaches will be able to view an entire plan.
• Registered providers will be able to view a participant’s goals and nominee details.
• Plan managers will be able to view the parts of a plan they’re managing.


What are participants required to do if they are on PACE?
Participants who are Agency Managed are required to endorse their provider on PACE.
Participants who are Plan Managed are required to endorse their plan manager as their provider only on PACE.
Participants who are Self-Managed are not required to record ‘my providers’ for their plan.


Why are participants required to do this?
By recording a ‘my provider’, participants let the NDIA know that a provider can receive payments for claims in their NDIS plan.


How does a participant endorse their provider?
Most participants with existing service bookings will generally be recorded in PACE however sometimes this may not occur.
If this does not occur participants will need to contact the NDIA via phone, in person or in writing to endorse their provider.
Participants will need to ensure the provider is also listed under the correct category for supports. The NDIA phone number is 1800 800 110 or [email protected]


What information does a participant need to endorse us as their provider?
To make sure the right providers are recorded, we recommend participants tell us the NDIS provider number or ABN. This way, we can avoid any confusion between providers with similar trading names.

Healthcare Australia’s details:
Provider number: 405 000 3586
ABN: 95 108 180 589


What else can participants or plan nominees do to make the new system easier for their provider?
Participants or Plan nominees should notify their provider if they have changed how they are managed in the new system. For example, the customer was previously NDIA managed for CORE and now they have changed to PLAN managed. This information is important for Healthcare Australia to claim efficiently for your supports.


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