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5 reasons to give Rural and Remote Nursing a try!
Rural and Remote

5 reasons to give Rural and Remote Nursing a try!

As a registered nurse myself, I wish someone had told me about the places I could go, communities I could help and clinical expertise and knowledge I could gain working in Rural and Remote areas when I was starting out! But as a Clinical R&R Consultant, I now get to share in the journeys and experiences of a team of incredible R&R nurses who travel the country and work in communities as far from the local Maccas as you could imagine.

Why Rural and Remote Nursing?

As Agency Nurses, we thrive on the different ‚ new locations, new wards and new hospitals from one day to the next. The beauty of R&R is that you can travel all across our great country, continue to have reliable work and build strong relationships with people who rely on you to care for them and educate them to promote and maintain their health, and remain in their own communities.

What’s it like taking on your first R&R role?

It really isn’t as hard as you think to take the leap! Like any new job, the first contract is always the scariest, but once you get the unknown out of the way, you will be driving the great adventure that is your Rural and Remote nursing career!

Five (5) reasons to give Rural and Remote Nursing a try

1. Travel

Travel to some of the most amazing landmarks and unique cultures that Australia has to offer. Rural and Remote nursing opens the door to experience different communities, such as outback Alice Springs or the mining town of Kalgoorlie. Perhaps you are looking to experience the culture of a country town like Tamworth, or escape to beautiful Exmouth or Thursday Island. No matter what type of role you are looking for, rural and remote placements can take you to some of our countries most beautiful places.

2. Clinical skills

Upgrade your clinical skills by working with communities whose clinical needs and focuses vary from those in the big city.

3. Culture

Become more culturally aware ‚ you will become a part of remote communities across the country and get to see first-hand a totally different way of life.

4. Diverse team

Work with a massive multidisciplinary team ‚ RFDS, Doctors on the ETS Videolink system, Local Emergency Services, Outreach services…. The list goes on!

5. The HCA experience

Become part of the HCA Team Purple R&R family! Work with consultants and colleagues who want to help you succeed and tick experiences off of your professional and personal bucket list!

How I can help you!

ED Nurses, Midwives, Theatre Nurses ‚ R&R needs you all! My job and the job of the HCA R&R Team is to guide and direct you to contracts that match your skills and help you to navigate through the vast outback of Australia and all of the job opportunities on offer!

You focus on your patients and your clinical practice, we focus on the logistics and trying to make each contract run as smoothly as possible from start to finish. Find out more about HCA

Right now we’re getting geared up for Christmas! If you’re looking for a placement over the holiday period, you can call one of our consultants on 1300 885 728or register your interest by clicking below and filling out the form.


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