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5 Top Podcasts for Job Seekers
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5 Top Podcasts for Job Seekers

5 Top Podcasts for Job Seekers


A job search can be a stressful and time-consuming process. Job seekers often go through many different stages during their search, but there are a few tools and resources available to help them throughout their journey.


One of the most popular forms of entertainment today is podcasts, which you can download or stream for free on any device. Podcasts consist of episodes that typically last anywhere from 15-60 minutes.


They cover topics ranging from politics to pop culture. For job seekers looking for podcasts to help them land their dream job, they offer a place to stay informed, entertained, and even hone interview skills.


Here are the top podcasts every job searcher should listen to!


Top Podcasts for Job Seekers

Podcasts for Job Seekers
Podcasts for Job Seekers

#1 College Central Podcasts


College Central, the premier destination that helps students and job seekers succeed in landing their dream job. College Central podcasts provide clear, concise, expert advice and tips for entry-level job search and career-related issues.


Find insight and instruction on all aspects of the job search process, including resumes, cover letters, and interviews.


This free podcast is available on both iTunes and Google Play, so you can download or stream at your convenience!


#2 7 Minute Job Interview Podcast


The 7-Minute Job Interview podcast is a fantastic tool for jobseekers. The podcast has been downloaded over one million times and has helped thousands of listeners improve their chances of getting hired by sharing expert interview tips from top career coaches, hiring managers & human resource professionals.


Listeners have access to practical advice on how to answer tough behavioural-based questions, as well as common pitfalls that can cost you the job.


Aimed at recent graduates, students, and young professionals, this podcast is especially great for those who are just starting their careers.


#3 How to Fail with Elizabeth Day


Despite the name, How to Fail with Elizabeth Day is a podcast that teaches listeners how to succeed.

The author and creator of the book How To Fail, Elizabeth, has been described as “brilliant” by The Guardian, and her first episode reached Number One on iTunes in the UK studies chart.


This entertaining yet informative podcast features a ”high profile” person in a particular field who explains how they failed and what they learned from it.


Each episode features an unexpected take on failure, whether talking about the art of losing or getting fired; this podcast proves that not only does everyone fail at some point in their lives, but also learning to embrace failure makes you stronger when trying new things.


#4 Find Your Dream Job Podcast


The Find Your Dream Job podcast is one that’s all about helping listeners do what it says – land their dream job. The show is hosted by job search expert, Mac Prichard and provides actionable advice for finding the perfect career.


Each episode focuses on a specific aspect of the process, from networking to interviewing – with tips explicitly designed to help you take your career to the next level.


Mac Prichard helps listeners go beyond the traditional job search by creating a personalised game plan that allows them to find what they are best at, how they can contribute to society and increase earnings potential with each new role.

 #5 The Job Interview Experience


The Job Interview Experience podcast is a great one for jobseekers who are preparing to go on the interview of their lives! The show features real-life interviews with recruiters and hiring managers that provide tips and strategies for answering common questions.


With over 50 episodes, listeners can expect advice from experts in behavioural interviewing, salary negotiation, and more.


The Job Interview Experience is an excellent podcast for those who are nervous about the interview process – but with fantastic advice from experts in this area, it can make even the most seasoned jobseeker feel better prepared to tackle their next interview!

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