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7 Essentials to bring on your Rural and Remote contract

7 Essentials to bring on your Rural and Remote contract

When you think of Rural and Remote (R&R) Nursing, what comes to mind? Red dirt, Kangaroos, and remote islands? Perhaps you’ve thought about the people? Aboriginal and Island communities, Farmers and their families, or perhaps workers on a mine site. Let me tell you this ‚ you’d be correct in thinking any of these. R&R is incredibly diverse.

Although each experience is unique, there are a number of key essentials that you will need for any trip. This is why I’ve come up with ‘7 essentials to bring on your Rural and Remote contract’.

Number 1. Uniforms and HCA Photo ID. We are all proud to work for HCA, and this is your chance to represent the company. It is important to always wear your HCA Photo ID whilst working. Not only does this allow the facility, staff and patients to know who you are, it also gives people the opportunity to say hi and get to know you.


Number 2. Sometimes the linen isn’t exactly what you may have wished for. Best to take your own towel to avoid disappointment. With your own comfort, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


Number 3. Toiletries ‚ shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, toothbrush, toothpaste etc. These can sometimes be bought on location, but can be very expensive.

Got the room? Pack it!


Number 4. Phone and phone charger. Not only do your family and friends want to hear about your amazing adventures, so does your dedicated Rural and Remote Consultant.


Number 5. HCA paperwork ‚ timesheets and travel reimbursement forms ‚ because who doesn’t like getting paid?


Number 6. Treats ‚ whether this be this be chocolate, chips, crackers…I think you get the idea. Just take them with you! There isn’t always the opportunity to stock up whilst you’re on your contract.


Number 7. Most importantly, take a sense of adventure with you! Remember, you will most likely only experience an exciting challenge like this, just a few times in your life. Enjoy each experience and every adventure that Rural and Remote Nursing has to offer.

Embrace the opportunity to grow as a Nurse, and as a person!

Looking for your next adventure? The HCA Rural & Remote team are currently organising Christmas and New Years’ placements for our Nurses & Midwives. If you’re looking for a placement from 2 weeks to 3 months, click below and fill out the form.


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