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  • July 14, 2020
  • Aged Care
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online learning aged care quality and safety comission

Compliance with the New Aged Care Standards in a Covid-19 World is a challenging notion for any Aged Care Manager or Management team.

How do you keep you and your team’s skills up to date?

In an environment where every cent counts, it can be a battle to train or upskill team members to meet aged care quality standards, while ticking all the boxes required for funding and accreditation. Not meeting basic standards in the current Aged Care climate can mean failing compliance, with the profound flow on of reduced funding, ongoing visits and loss of reputation.

The best solution is to use an online learning platform to complement existing training to provide access to educational content that has been created by subject matter experts in line with the Royal Commission and Aged Care Quality Standards.

We put the question to several aged care teams to determine what Aged Care training works best for them:

“I have shifted 90% of our learning to an Aged Care Learning Management System. I have a team of mostly part-time and casual workers in my team of Home Care workers, and it is very easy for employees, even those not savvy with computers, to log in at a time that suits them.” – Home Care Director, 14 team members

“We are a large residential Aged Care facility and deliver all of our ACFI training online. Our funding increases have proven that this has been worthwhile for us because all the team are involved and understand the importance of ACFI to our funding.” – Aged Care Facility Manager, 89 team members

What questions should you ask when investigating whether an Aged Care Learning Management System is right for your organisation?

-Can I customise our LMS courses to suit the unique needs of our organisation if I need to?

– Will providing this training help with staff retention and satisfaction?

-Is the LMS easy to use?

-Is the content library extensive? Does it cover Community, Home Care and Residential Aged Care

-Are the courses developed in Australia?

-Are CPD Points applicable?

-Are Mandatory and ACFI Training modules included?

The Healthcare Australia online learning platform has been designed to answer these questions and has been tailored to suit individuals and businesses to build skills, update knowledge and earn CPD (continuing professional development) points from any location and on any device.

If you would like to discuss your Aged Care Learning needs and how the HCA LMS might match your organisational requirements, click below to learn more.