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Amanda’s Story
Disability services (NDIS)

Amanda’s Story

Amanda is one of our Support Coordinators in Victoria who initially joined us as a Disability Support Worker. She is passionate about supporting people to reach their goals and tells us of her experience in both roles.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your experience with HCA Home.
I thoroughly enjoy what I do and it’s a real pleasure to meet and support individuals under the NDIS. Since joining HCA Home as a Disability Support Worker in June 2017, I have been able to help support some individuals achieve some of their short-term goals. When the opportunity as a Support Coordinator became available earlier this year, my Support Coordinator Pam told me the role would suit me and that I should go for it so I did.

What kinds of activities you were involved in as a Support Worker?
Travel training is one of the key goals for most people so that they can gain more confidence when using public transport and accessing the community. I’ve also assisted with setting a budget and developing saving strategies to help individuals feel empowered to manage this ongoingly and independently.

What’s one great memory you have had with a customer as a Support Worker?
One individual that I supported purchased a brand-new fridge. This took months of planning, but it was such a rewarding day. We headed into “The Good Guys” in Melton together and he spoke with the sales staff, chose the fridge, arranged payment and delivery. Knowing how hard he worked over the months leading up to this, I was so proud of him and it was truly rewarding seeing him achieve his goal and feeling confident in himself.

How have you found working with HCA Home as a Support Worker?
My experience with HCA Home has been positive. For every shift, I was provided with all the information I needed about the customer, what their support needs were and locations. The added support of the Support Coordinator and Consultant made my work more meaningful as they tailored shifts where my strengths were so I could better assist the individual to work towards their personal goals together.

What impact do you feel you have in your customers’ lives?
You don’t always realise the huge impact that is being made to people’s lives until you see them achieve these outcomes. Whether it is supporting someone to get out into the community more to be less isolated or providing personal care support which in turn renews their relationship with a loved one or family member, I find this role so personally satisfying.

What do you enjoy about your role as a Support Coordinator?
I have the privilege to meet new NDIS customers, go to their homes, ask what their supports and needs are. In this role, I can be part of their NDIS journey from the very beginning. From writing their support plans, matching the right staff so that they achieve their goals, and seeing how their support plans are being implemented at home and out in the community.

How has being a Support Worker impacted your current role?
I always put on my Support Worker hat on, especially when writing support plans. I reflect on what my expectations as a Support Worker would be, what they would need to know about the individual and how to best support them. For example, if they like certain things or have particular needs, how we can adapt so that the individual is always well supported and happy. I believe it’s important to have that insight and experience for my current role.

What do you love most about your role?
It’s a real privilege to be a part of these teams and supporting people to reach their goals in day to day life. It’s a truly satisfying role, both as a Support Worker and Support Coordinator.

If you’re a Support Worker and interested in working with us, register now or call 1300 362 190.

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