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Congratulations to our three ‘Mystery Shift’ winners

‘Thank You’ to all our hardworking Nurses and Midwives during a busy start to Autumn.

Last month we saw three lucky people take home some rather nice HCA Rewards prizes as part of our April Nursing Mystery Shift competition.

A combined 50,000 HCA Rewards points was up for grabs to three lucky Nurses or Midwives that worked a shift or Rural and Remote contract during the month.

We would like to announce the three winners and share our recent conversations with them.

1st Prize – Ali McGuire ‚ Winner of 25,000 HCA Rewards points


Ali was very excited to hear that she was the ‘BIG WINNER’ in our April Mystery Shift Competition, taking home the grand prize of 25,000 HCA Rewards points. I never win anything Ali tells the team.

We learned a little more about Ali as she shared her Nursing story with us.

Ali_winnerI’m Ali. I’m a kiwi Nurse who has come over to Australia to try some Rural and Remote nursing. I am currently working in Emergency, but have also done a bit of paediatrics.

We asked Ali what first inspired her to become a Nurse, in which she gave a rather witty answer. I’ve always enjoyed taking care of people and just naturally seemed to migrate into nursing – it was a decision between nursing and paramedicine, but I get too car sick to be a paramedic! I love being a Nurse though and have never regretted my decision.

Currently working an Emergency Nursing Rural and Remote contract in Broken Hill, we asked Ali what a typical day is like for her. You never know how your day is going to go, working in Emergency she explains. I love the team work of ED though, and even on a crazy hectic day you can still go home feeling satisfied if you had a great team and did everything you could.

On her one piece of advice to new Nurses, Ali shared with us the following: Don’t be too hard on yourself – there is so much to learn and it all can’t fit into a degree unfortunately. Ask lots of questions. And keep those coffee/wine/beer dates with friends, no matter how tired you are after shifts. They will keep you balanced!

If you’re interested to find out about our latest Rural and Remote roles, you can click here.

2nd Prize – Phillip Barrett ‚ Winner of 15,000 HCA Rewards points


It’s always nice to win something said Phillip, when we told him he had won 15,000 HCA Rewards points as part of the Mystery Shift Competition. Phillip works as a Theatre Technician in Victoria, just about every day with HCA. It was a Pure Accident that Phillip became a Theatre Technician, as he was offered an opportunity to learn on the job.

Phillip - 2nd prize winnerHaving worked across pretty much every hospital in Melbourne, Phillip explained that he enjoys working for HCA due to the flexibility offered. The management of his agency lifestyle is simple. I use the eHCA App all the time for everything, from availabilities to searching for shifts and my pay he explains.

His most rewarding experience as a Theatre Technician was when he volunteered to work a shift at Linacre for a charity day. There was a child from Africa with very bad burns that we operated on. Everyone in the room was a volunteer…it was an incredibly rewarding experience explained Phillip.

3rd Prize – Lyn Body ‚ Winner of 10,000 HCA Rewards points


Lyn BodyLyn was extremely excited, and thrilled to win 10,000 HCA Rewards points as the third placed winner. Lyn has been working as an Anaesthetic Registered Nurse with ASEPS Queensland since 2011. She is a muched loved member of the HCA family, often popping in for visits, so we were thrilled to let her know she had won.

Lyn has worked just about everywhere across Brisbane, being personally requested by a number of facilities she regularly works at. Happy to hear she had won 10,000 HCA Rewards points for her hard work throughout the month, Lyn explained This call has made my day… I love working for HCA and wouldn’t work anywhere else.

We asked Lyn if she had an idea of what she would spend her points on, in which she asked us for a few suggestions. We agreed she should log onto the HCA Rewards storeand she should pick something out just for her, as a treat.

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