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Home Care Technology Profile: The Rosie Watch
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Home Care Technology Profile: The Rosie Watch

History of wearables in the industry
Wearable devices or “wearables” range from wristbands and smartwatches to chest bands and other textile-based sensors with many different uses. The Sony Walkman, introduced in 1979, which connected your music collection to your belt and delivered it to your ears via a headset is an early example.

Today’s proliferation of wearable technology provides benefits that are easily available, non-invasive, and affordable, particularly in the area of health. Increasingly, wearable health devices can not only keep us in good shape but keep us out of the hospital and aged care and are promising candidates to transform the standard of care for aged care settings.


What they do
Wearables have the ability to inform caregivers whether a patient has been immobile for a long period of time, including whether the fridge or bathroom has been used within a certain time frame. These devices can also be automated to remind the elderly to take their medication and contact emergency services when required.

The aged care sector employs a great number of technological solutions for improved service delivery.


Rosie™ developed by Vital Care is the talk of aged care workers. A 24/7 mobile medical alarm for aged or disabled residents that allows for autonomy. With a push of a button, Rosie can bring help to the patient.

If a patient falls, gets lost, or suddenly becomes unwell, Rosie as a personal alarm detects most hard falls, even if you can’t press the button, it’s waterproof, and shockproof for even the most uncoordinated.

The built-in GPS keeps a location on the patient 24/7 and allows for emergency services to pinpoint the exact whereabouts of a PT.

The battery life of Rosie is long, and it recharges quickly. Rosie also allows for two-way communication allows for regular check-ins. It works Australia-wide, wherever there is mobile service.
Vital care, which is Australian-owned and operated has a plethora of tutorials and resources for setting up and running the device making it accessible and easy to understand.

If you have a NDIS plan you need to ensure that it supports your NDIS goals to have it covered by your plan.

You can buy online a monthly service that is less than $40 a month plus an establishment fee, or an annual service package for $479. Each package includes a Rosie PERS device (pendant with a lanyard or watch with wristband configuration), 24/7 monitored service, Telstra 4G/3G SIM, key safe (limited time only), free delivery, and no minimum term.

If you’re interested in reading more spotlights or finding out more about us and our Aged Care services, head to our blog.

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