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Celebrating International Nurses Day with a Q&A
Agency Nurses

Celebrating International Nurses Day with a Q&A

To celebrate International Nurses Day last month, we asked our Nurses to answer 3 questions to share why they chose to become a Nurse, what fulfils them in this profession and words of advice to new Nurses. We received a massive 190 survey responses from a broad spectrum of Nursing specialities from ICU to Theatre and R&R Nurses. Check out what they had to say!

Q1. Why did you decide to become a Nurse?

Most of our Nurses chose this profession as they want to make a difference in people’s lives and give back to the community. Some were driven by a passion for science and fascination with how the human body works, others followed in a family member’s footsteps or experienced a loss, and some simply loved pretending to be a Nurse as a kid!

Registered Nurse, Amy Irving, expresses she wanted to have a rewarding career in helping others and one that allows for continual growth and improvement with variety in the work setting.

Jamilia Ali who is a Medical, Surgical and Neuro Rehabilitation Nurse loves her job as it gives her the opportunity to travel with the assurance of guaranteed work wherever she goes, meet all kinds of people and help those in need.

Critical Care Nurse, Kaz Fairweather, shares I’ve stayed in the profession so long as it’s an absolute privilege to be in a position where I can ease someone’s pain every shift I do ‚ be it physical, mental or spiritual. It gives my life on this planet a real sense of purpose.

Q2. What’s the most rewarding part of being a Nurse?

Many voiced that being part of a patient’s journey when they’re at their most vulnerable is the most rewarding. From supporting patients and their families, seeing them recover and go home, or being there at the end.

Jodie Casserly, Anaesthetics and Recovery Nurse, seeks to build a good rapport with patients and particularly enjoys winning people over when they come in scared, which sometimes is portrayed as anger and aggressive behaviour, and uses words to put them at ease and then they are different people!

Oncology Nurse, Shrijana khadka, worked with the immediate relief team during the earthquake in Nepal which was the most rewarding moment in her professional life. She could listen to their stories and see people smile despite the tragedy.

With nearly 20 years of experience, Amy Gaffey an Anaesthetics and Recovery Nurse, finds fulfilment in passing on the knowledge she’s gained from working in so many places to the next generation.

Q3. What advice do you have for new Nurses?

All the 190 Nurses surveyed shared great advice. The only ‘dumb’ question is the one that’s never asked. Always admit if you don’t understand something & own your mistakes. Team work, team work, team work! says ICU, In Home Care, ED, High Needs Paeds Nurse Kerri Carpenter.

Rural and Remote Nurse, Mark Smith, also recommends to Enjoy the good days as they help you get through the bad ones.

Catherine Linn Davis, Acute Care Nurse, admits that although it can be a negative atmosphere at times, the “thank you’s” are very worthwhile and advises to learn how to discard the negative, hang onto the positives and enjoy your work. Learn from your patients; people are very interesting, from your next door neighbour; a station hand; an immigrant from a war zone or your colleagues. There is always something interesting to glean from each patient or their family. Embrace and enjoy life.

To see some of the other ways we celebrated International Nurses Day this year, check out our video.

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