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My funny, crazy and special Rural & Remote moments

My funny, crazy and special Rural & Remote moments

Our Rural & Remote (R&R) team recently spoke with Kym Bramberger, a veteran R&R Nurse with over 17 years’ experience. Kym talks with us about her R&R career, the type of contracts she loves and her best advice for Nurses considering their first contract.

HCA: When did you first start doing R&R contract work? Where was your first one and what was it like?

Kym: My first R&R contract was in 2000. It was at Leigh Creek, South Australia. The drive was amazing and the diversity of the countryside, I can’t do it justice by describing ‚ it was stunning.

HCA: What made you chose R&R Nursing as a career?

Kym: I separated from my partner and no longer wanted to stay in one place. At the time, it suited my personal preferences and still does to this day.

I’m not a fan of workplace politics and by working R&R there is very little chance of getting bogged down in that kind of stuff. I often tell my friends, and anyone who wants to pursue R&R, that you need to put your toes on the edge of the cliff, hold your arms out and fall. I did that 17 years ago, and I haven’t hit the bottom yet.

HCA: Do you still work at home when you are off contracts?

Kym: The only work I do when I’m home is rearranging the dust bunnies and trying to remember where everything is.

HCA: What part of Australia do you like to work most? ‚ e.g. small NT clinics, clinics by the sea, ones with mobile reception

Kym: The best clinics are busy ones. I don’t have a preference for the size of the clinic, it’s more about the staff and the community.

HCA: What makes for a great R&R contract?

Kym: The flexibility of contract work is amazing. I try and organise my work around my life – like holidays or birthdays.

My brother was blown away when I told him what I was going to do. He encouraged me by talking about the things I’d get to see, people I’d meetand places that not very many people get to experience. He was so right!The people and beautiful Australian outback make a great contract.

HCA: Do you have any funny moments that you could share with us when you just thought OMG!?

Kym: Being stalked by a croc is funny now, but watching it coming towards you not so much.

Another OMGmoment was when I lay in a rock gallery looking up at art that can be dated back to over 60,000 years. That was, and still is, my biggest ‘goose bump’ moment.

HCA: What advice would you give someone thinking about doing an R&R contract for the first time?

Kym: Go with an open mind and absorb it all. Don’t think that you’ll be able to change the world in the time that you’re there.

The kids and dogs will tear at your heart, but be mindful that you’re only there for a short time, so try and develop at least a little separation.

If you’re considering a Rural & Remote contract, our HCA Recruitment Consultants can tell you all about our current opportunities. Whether you’re looking for a contract of 4 weeks or 3-6 months, we’ve got opportunities for all Nursing Specialties and Midwives across Regional, Rural & Remote locations.


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