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Northern Territory: The Unseen Side
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Northern Territory: The Unseen Side

The Unseen Side of the Northern Territory


The Northern Territory in Australia is unlike any other place on Earth. The sprawling wilderness spans an area roughly the same size as Spain, France, and Italy combined. Covered in deserts, the colour of autumn leaves, monsoon forests, and featuring palm-lined beaches, there are numerous beautiful places to visit in the Northern Territory.


Beyond the iconic Northern Territory sights, there are many stunning natural landscapes to explore, wildlife to spot and ancient culture to uncover that make Australia the unique place it is. With the help of Healthcare Australia Rural and Remote, your visit to Australia’s Northern Territory will be unforgettable.


Unknown Places to Visit in the Northern Territory


While there is no doubt that Uluru and Kakadu are among Australia’s greatest landmarks, there are so many other incredible Northern Territory sights to visit that are well worth extending your trip to see.

With that said, here are some locations that will take you beyond the Northern Territory’s usual travel icons.

Northern Territory


Tiwi Islands


When in the Tiwi Islands, it is easy to forget you are in Australia, where the dusty golden shores give way to tropical rainforests. The archipelago of islands, namely Bathurst and Melville, lies 80 km north of Darwin and is accessed by a 30-minute flight or a ferry that only runs three times a week. The welcoming locals have given this paradise the nickname the ‘Island of smiles’.


While the islands themselves are beautiful to behold, the real reason to visit them is for the local people and their culture.


Bullo River Station

Tucked away in the northwestern corner of the Northern Territory, Bullo River Station is open for guests to experience the workings of a remote cattle farm, focusing on environmental and indigenous conservation.

Bullo River Station is 800 km from the capital of the Northern Territory, Darwin. A visit to Bullo is both grounding and transformative.


Nitmiluk National Park

Whether you choose to experience the wild charm of station life, spend the day exploring remote waterfalls, or go to an outdoor Aboriginal rock art gallery, Nitmiluk National Park has it all.


Nitmiluk National Park is home to stunning escarpments in sandstone country, where 13 gorges slice the landscape, creating cliffs that are illuminated in the changing light. Indulge your sense of outback adventure on foot, canoe, boat, or helicopter.

Kangaroos in the Northern Territory


Mataranka and Bitter Springs

Though the town of Mataranka might be small, it offers an unparalleled sense of freedom and calmness. The area, made famous by the 1908 novel We of the Never Never, by Jeannie Gunn, echoes Mataranka’s restorative hot springs and pastoral landscapes.


Bitter Springs and Mataranka Thermal Pool are some of the best Northern Territory sights to see and swim in. The pools, surrounded by tropical rainforest, are fed by an underground spring and constantly sit at a naturally warm 34 degrees. Perfect for relaxing after a long hike.


Discover the Hidden Northern Territory Sights

Australia’s Northern Territory is abundant in naturally beautiful landscapes and landmarks. Aside from the main well-known sights, the territory is covered in natural beauty and stunning places to visit. Your visit to Australia will be supported by Healthcare Australia. So enquire today and start your exploration of the beautiful and unseen side of the Aussie Outback as soon as you can with Healthcare Australia Rural and Remote.


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