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Understanding your NDIS Support Budget Options

Understanding your NDIS Support Budget Options

If you or a loved one have an NDIS plan, you may have heard about Support Budgets which are available to help you purchase the supports and services you need. A Support Budget is a category of funding that is available to you as a part of your NDIS plan that is allocated to specific areas of support.

The NDIS offers three types of support budgets: Core Supports, Capacity Building Supports, and Capital Supports. Each budget has its own specific categories of support, which is  designed to meet the diverse needs of participants.


Core Supports are the most flexible of the three budgets and can be used to fund a range of everyday activities, disability-related needs, and goals. This budget can be used across four different support categories, including:


  • Assistance with Daily Life: This category includes support with activities of daily living, such as personal care (e.g. showering, dressing), meal preparation, household chores, and assistance with mobility. It aims to help individuals with disabilities to build their skills and capacity for independent living.
  • Assistance with Social & Community Participation: This covers support to participate in social and community activities. It may include assistance with social skills development, community access and inclusion, recreational activities, and support to engage in education or employment opportunities. This category focuses on enhancing an individual’s social and community participation and promoting their social inclusion.
  • Consumables: includes funding for items that are used on a regular basis to manage an individual’s disability. Examples of consumables may include continence aids, wound dressings, and nutrition supplements. It is intended to provide ongoing supplies that are necessary to manage an individual’s disability-related needs.
  • Transport: covers support for transportation related to an individual’s disability. It may include funding for transportation to and from medical appointments, community activities, or other support services. This category is designed to help individuals with disabilities access the community and participate in activities outside their home.

While the flexibility of the Core Supports budget allows you to use your funding in a variety of ways, there are some restrictions, particularly when it comes to transport funding. Your LAC can provide more information on how you can use this budget.


Capacity Building Supports are designed to build your independence and skills to help you pursue your goals. Unlike the Core Supports budget, Capacity Building funding cannot be moved from one support category to another. Funding can only be used to purchase approved individual supports within a specific Capacity Building category. The list of Capacity Building categories is extensive and includes:

  • Support Coordination,
  • Improved Living Arrangements,
  • Increased Social & Community Participation,
  • Finding & Keeping a Job,
  • Improved Relationships,
  • Improved Health & Wellbeing,
  • Improved Learning,
  • Improved Life Choices, and
  • Improved Daily Living.


When making decisions about which Capacity Building supports to choose, it is important to consider your challenges, goals, and objections. For example, if you have difficulty finding and maintaining appropriate housing, you may want to prioritize Improved Living Arrangements. If you are looking to find employment, you may want to focus on Finding & Keeping a Job.

Your support coordinator can provide guidance on which categories are best suited to your needs. In order to find out what you are eligible for under Capacity Building Supports, check your NDIS plan and/or login to your myplace portal to what out what categories you have been funded for.


Lastly, Capital Supports are the highest cost items in your NDIS plan, and include:

  • Assistive technology,
  • Equipment,
  • Home or vehicle modifications, and
  • Specialist Disability Accommodation.


Unlike the other two budgets, Capital Supports funding can only be used for its specific purpose and cannot be used to pay for anything else. The Capital Supports budget includes two categories: Assistive Technology and Home Modifications. This budget is particularly important for those with complex needs and can be a valuable source of funding for those who require specialised equipment or modifications to their homes or vehicles.


In conclusion, understanding the different types of support budgets available in your NDIS plan is crucial to accessing the supports and services you need. Each budget offers a range of support categories, each designed to meet specific needs and goals. By working with your support coordinator and considering your challenges, goals, and objections, you can make informed decisions about which budgets and support categories are best suited to your needs. With the right support, you can achieve your goals and live a fulfilling life.

At Healthcare Australia, we understand how important it is for NDIS participants to get the most out of their budgets and achieve their goals. That’s why we’re dedicated to being advocates for our participants and providing the best possible advice to help them make informed decisions about their support needs.


We encourage you to give us a call to discuss your plan and how we can help you achieve your goals. Our team of experts is here to provide you with the guidance you need to make the most of your funding and access the support you require. Let’s discuss how we can help you on your journey towards greater independence and wellbeing. Contact Healthcare Australia today and let us help you achieve your goals.



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