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Working as an NDIS Support Worker in 2022

Working as an NDIS Support Worker in 2022

Working as an NDIS Support Worker in 2022

NDIS support workers are incredibly important in providing care for disabled individuals. They are the everyday unsung heroes ensuring our most vulnerable are happy and cared for. Becoming a supportive NDIS support worker is incredibly fulfilling and offers you the flexibility to find your perfect work-life balance.


If being able to work your own hours, set your own pace and make deep personal bonds entices you, then read further. Healthcare Australia can and will help you on your journey to working as an NDIS support worker in 2022.

NDIS Support Workers are Important

Since the introduction of the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) across Australia, people with disabilities have been afforded more choice and control over what support and services are accessible to them. In addition, the NDIS has opened up many more job possibilities for prospective carers wishing to provide support and assistance.


What is an NDIS Support Worker

An NDIS carer’s job is to assist someone with a disability. They do this by providing care, supervision, and support both in and out of the home. They assist disabled people with achieving the goals that are a part of their NDIS plan.


Working as an NDIS Support Worker

Hours and Income of an
NDIS Support Worker

Your hours as an NDIS carer can vary depending on what type of support your client needs and your availability. As a result, working hours can fluctuate between overnight shifts, full work days, weekend work, and short afternoon shifts.


An NDIS carer is paid $30 an hour on average, with some being paid as much as $49.20 an hour. Pay is dependent on what you and your client agree upon.

How to Get Started in NDIS Support Work

You don’t require any formal qualifications to get started with NDIS support work. Often you will receive training on the job, as every person’s needs and what type of support they need will vary. Most employers will be asking for a minimum of 12 months of paid experience, however, if you’re wanting to start your career as a support worker, the best way would be to seek out a certificate 4 in disability or certificate 3 in individual support that also offers work experience once you’ve completed your certificate.


Australian states differ in what minimum requirements need to be met to become a carer, but generally, the following are required:


  • Working with Children Check
  • Current First Aid Certificate
  • Police Check
  • Car and Driver’s License


An NDIS carer can be hired privately by a family or through a disability support provider.

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The Pros and Cons of working as an NDIS Support Worker in 2022

Before becoming an NDIS Support Worker, there are several pros and cons to consider to make sure the role will be right for you.


Pros of Being an NDIS Support Worker

The positives of becoming an NDIS carer are:
  • Good Job satisfaction
  • Flexible hours – Work when you want and where you want
  • Job Security
    Making a huge difference in someone’s life


Cons of Being an NDIS Support Worker

The associated cons to becoming an NDIS carer are:
  • Support work can be challenging physically and emotionally
  • You are usually on your own
  • Clients can come and go


Become an NDIS Support Worker

Becoming an NDIS Support Worker will be one of the most fulfilling things you can do with your time. Not only will you gain satisfaction, but you will be providing invaluable care to someone who really requires it. Lead a life-changing life with NDIS To find your perfect carer role, contact Healthcare Australia and enquire today.

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