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Looking For An Aged Care Job? 4 Reasons You Should Consider Rural And Remote Work
Aged Care

Looking For An Aged Care Job? 4 Reasons You Should Consider Rural And Remote Work

Working an aged care job in remote Australia

Working an aged care job in remote Australia can simultaneously be a challenging and rewarding experience. The tests and triumphs of working in these regions of Australia stem from the fact that remote and very remote Australia account for approximately 86% of the Australian landmass; but only 6% of Australia’s population. Often these locations are off the beaten track, in our country’s red centre or the tropical fringes and islands to the north.


In this blog you can expect to find a handful of reasons for why you should be eyeing off working a rural and remote aged care job this year.

Inblog imagery 8 - Healthcare Australia
HCA PCA Jodie in Wadeye weaving her magic and sharing stories

1. Holistic Practice

Arguably the biggest selling point of working in rural and remote Australia as a nurse or carer is that you will get to work in an aged care setting unlike you ever would have previously. What makes working in the regions special is the fact that these areas are more prominently populated by remote communities to which many of elderly indigenous Australian’s call home.


Connection to culture is integral to the lives of aboriginal peoples of all ages. Therefore, nurturing this connection to culture is of marked importance in any residential aged care setting that indigenous elders call home. By integrating cultural aspects into the care residents receive there are noted improvements to the delivery and outcomes of care to residents – enriching their daily life, health, and well being. This is the case because a majority of Aboriginal people have a strong bond with family, community, land, and rituals. By putting it into practice we’re acknowledging and responding to this,

We have a care plan so once they do the social history we prepare a care plan for spiritual and cultural [care] and every resident’s got [a plan]. … That’s why we have the care plans and we get a social history of every client and their cultural and spiritual history from every client. – Male Carer, Anon


2. Beauty of the Locations and Setting

It goes without saying that rural and remote Australia is iconic. Did you know that you can work a stone’s throw from Uluru? Read more from RN Elisha who shared her experience working at Mutitjulu.

Aged Care Job near Uluru
HCA RN Elisha while on placement in Mutitjulu


Of course, it’s only natural that there are aged care facilities, and thus positions, in all of Australia’s states and territories. However, if you’re looking to dip your toes into the world of indigenous health your list of destinations includes a huge chunk of Western Australia, the Northern Territory, parts of South Australia, Far North Queensland, and the Torres Strait.


Words really don’t do it justice, these areas are B-E-A-utiful. There’s a plethora of photos that have been shared by our team working in these more remote regions on our Placement Passport group. If you love unspoilt nature, outdoor activities such as fishing and 4WD, and the serenity of being thousands of miles away from the hustle and bustle then working in any of the aforementioned locales is for you.

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One option is to work as a nurse or carer in tropical Queensalnd

3. Getting in touch with Indigenous Culture

It’s known that by working an aged care job you ingrain yourself into the lives of the residents. In the indigenous context this can be especially exciting, and our team can attest to it, as you can get in touch with the experiences unique to their lifestyle. When working in aged care in remote locations there are often opportunities to partake in cultural activities such as traditional storytelling, art making and cultural workshops.


All of the above can help you to gain a deeper understanding of Indigenous culture and learn about the history, customs, and traditions of different Indigenous groups in Australia. Did you know there are approximately 500 different Aboriginal groups in Australia, many having their own language, territories, and stories?

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HCA staff Entholene and Judy having a kangaroo cook off while on placement in Tennant Creek

4. Career Development

Working in a rural or remote setting for many is the ‘next step’ in their career. The autonomy and experiences wrought by working in these areas lays the foundation for a learning environment. What you take away from a rural and remote placement can be applied not just to future remote placements, but also to the city where you’ll be even better equipped for the rigours of life in the big smoke.


It begs to be asked, what if you’re keen to work remote but are unsure if you’re ready? Healthcare Australia’s (HCA) New to Remote Pathway is a guided placement journey, unique to HCA, designed to support eligible candidates in developing their existing clinical knowledge and experience towards the goal of working in remote health and aged care. This is all regardless of the interested party’s experience. The team of Rural and Remote consultants are equipped to help you achieve your goals in working in remote health – whatever they may be.

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Healthcare Australia is a preferred provider of a number of our clients and state health bodies and possess over 1000 placement locations across to choose from, of which many are aged care jobs.


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