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An NT Aged Care Job! HCA RN Elisha’s Terrific Trip
Aged Care

An NT Aged Care Job! HCA RN Elisha’s Terrific Trip

Amidst the hustle and bustle of working and exploring Elisha has taken the time to chat with HCA Rural and Remote Consultant Charlotte about her time in the NT working right beside Uluru at the ARRCS Mutitjulu Aged Care Facility. Here’s what she had to share.


Have you worked in the Northern Territory before?

Yes, I got a scholarship through ACN to do a 3-week ED placement during my final year of Bachelor of nursing studies. This was a really great way of opening my eyes to the unique challenges to providing health care to remote communities in both an acute and chronic sense. I don’t think I would have gone to the NT if it wasn’t for this placement, so I’m still very grateful for having that opportunity.

Aged Care Job near Uluru


What drew you to an Indigenous Community aged care job?

I’ve always been passionate about:

  1. Rural and remote health.
  2. Health promotion.
  3. Addressing inequality in health status in Australia.

Indigenous health is where I can exercise my passion for all 3. It is a privilege to learn about language, culture and stories.


Any tips for someone keen to work an aged care job in a site like this?

If you haven’t been living or working remotely before perhaps start with a shorter contract.

Be prepared for community life and culture. Be prepared for living remote without the luxuries of shopping… I highly recommend installing online shopping apps haha.

3 1 - Healthcare Australia


Share with us – are there any other cool spots in NT you would like to share?

It’s great! I recommend checking out Palm Valley if you have access to a 4WD. Its worth walking a section of the Larapinta Trail, any part of the trail is amazing.

Inblog imagery 4 - Healthcare Australia
Palm Valley, the only place in Central Aus where Red Cabbage Palms survive

What do you do on your time off or to wind down?

Time off pretty much is this on repeat: Walk the dog, go to gym, listen to music, call friends and have a beer.


What’s your absolute favourite moment of being in the NT so far?

I rescued a camp dog while i was out here! Digit, she is the best! Watching the sunset over Uluru with her by my side is always a nice way to finish the day 🙂

4 - Healthcare Australia
Elisha rescued a puppy whilst working and now they are best buds!

What do you think is next for you – where would you want to go? I

Probably a FNQ or Top end role 🙂

– Elisha L

HCA R&R Aged Care RN


Looking for an aged care job that lets you travel? We’ve created a breakdown of 4 Reasons You Should Consider Rural And Remote Work as an aged care worker you might like to check out.



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