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Am I eligible for a Working Holiday Visa in Australia?
Overseas Applicants

Am I eligible for a Working Holiday Visa in Australia?

If you have been thinking about nursing in Australia, you’ll require a visa. The Working Holiday Visa (WHV) is one of the most popular visas to be able to work in Australia. Wait before we move on, how do you even get a WHV?

Eligibility requirements:

-Hold a valid passport from the UK, New Zealand, America, Canada, Ireland or Hong Kong (more countries available). To find out if you’re eligible for the WHV check out the links below.

462 Visa (American)

417 Visa (all other countries)

-Be aged between 18-31 (18-35 if you’re a Canadian or Irish passport holder)

-Not held a WHV before

What are the WHV changes that may affect you?

At the end of 2018, there were significant changes to the WHV, so here’s a summary of the key changes to help you navigate around a confusing topic, so you can have all the relevant information before you start organising your WHV to Australia.

-Over 31 in Canada or Ireland? You’re Now Eligible to Apply for the Visa

The most talked about change has been the increase for eligible age for subclass 417 visa applicants from Canada and Ireland. It has increased from 31 to 35 years old (must be passport holders).

HCA Tip: If you’re in your early thirties and thought you’d missed out now is your chance for the adventure of a life-time, so start researching. Negotiations to increase the age limit for other countries are in talks, so make sure to look out for any legislative changes.

-Extending Your WHV is Now Easier for Americans

If you are on the 462 Visa (Americans) and want to extend your stay for a 2nd year because you love Australia so much, you can now apply for your second-year visa. You still need to complete three months (88 calendar days) of specific work to apply.

HCA Tip: This means your adventure to Australia may not just be a short-term one. If you’re coming from America or any other eligible country, you can apply for your second-year visa and continue to enjoy what Australia has to offer. Follow the below link for all you need to know.

If you have any more questions about getting a visa, or anything else related to nursing in Australia, such as AHPRA registration or work opportunities, our friendly International Team will be happy to assist, please email them at [email protected].



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