Chao worked as an AIN whilst studying Nursing

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Beijing born, Chao Shen is a student who recently moved to Sydney to study nursing. In her second year, Chao decided she wanted to gain practical hands-on experience, and began to look into working as an Assistant in Nursing (AIN). Fortunately, the 21 year old got in touch with Healthcare Australia, the nation’s leading nursing agency group, and was able to start working around her busy university schedule as an AIN.

Chao began studying nursing because she would be continually learning new things. “I knew nursing would be a challenging career, and I enjoy being pushed professionally,” she says. “I also love to help other people. I think being a nurse is one of the most rewarding and meaningful careers anyone could have, because you get to help others directly on a daily basis – how many people can say they do that every day?”

Working as an AIN through Healthcare Australia has really helped Chao with her studies. “Gaining practical experience has definitely helped me with my studies, and further igniting my interest in the field,” she says. ”Working as an AIN with Healthcare Australia has been an amazing experience.”

“The team at Healthcare Australia are so friendly and helpful; they help me work hours around my study schedule each week. Not only is Healthcare Australia flexible, they also provide great education and training options online and in person, so I can stay up-to-date with my competencies. I would definitely recommend working with Healthcare Australia to my friends.”

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