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And the Christmas in July Competition Winner of 100,000 HCA Points is…

In the spirit of Christmas in July, we ran a HCA Rewards Winter Competition with 100,000 prize points up for grabs. We wanted to show our appreciation to our Nurses, Midwives, Support Workers and Doctors for working extra hard during our busiest month. Those who worked over 100 hours with us in July automatically entered the draw to win!

The winner was drawn on Tuesday, 8th August and this lucky person is Lakota H., an Agency Nurse who’s currently working in Mackay on a Rural & Remote placement. When we gave her the good news, she was absolutely stoked and said, I was shocked but excited ‚ I’ve never won anything before!!

We interviewed our lucky winner Lakota to find out why HCA is her preferred agency and insight into her agency nursing journey.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your nursing career to date?

Straight out of school, I originally wanted to become a doctor but didn’t quite have the grades so keeping in a medical field, I went straight into nursing, graduating at 20. I got into general nursing and had the travel bug so at 23 my partner and I (and 2 puppies!) packed up and went travelling, working along the way for HCA!

How did you first hear about HCA?

I was referred by another HCA nurse.

What has been your most rewarding experience as a healthcare professional?

As a nursing student, I had the chance to travel with a group of 9 students and 2 RNs over in Laos and the experience was so rewarding. Everyone was so happy and grateful for the treatment and offer of help. It made me very grateful for my own life and how much we have. I learnt so much about myself. I would like to pursue medicine and then join Drs without borders.

How did you hear about the Winter Competition?

I received an email from HCA and saw it advertised on the eHCA app. My Rural consultant also mentioned it to me.

Did it prompt you into working this month?

Not really ‚ my contract in Mackay is already full time hours and I have been picking up extra shifts as well. I did wonder if I was going to be in the draw for the points and can’t believe I’ve won!

How do you feel hearing you are the competition winner?
Shocked but excited ‚ I’ve never won anything before!

What are you going to do with your 100,000 HCA Rewards Points? Put them towards a holiday? Book an experience? Buy something for your home? Kitchenware? Electronics?

Use them to book flights home for myself and my partner back to Perth to see the family! He has been awesome travelling with me and working around the country!

What part of being an agency nurse appeals to you the most?

The travel ‚ the ease of getting work and not having to commit for extended periods of time to one place ‚ you say when you are available and that’s what you get! So much flexibility and freedom! I love meeting new people and being able expand my clinical skill set and gain knowledge outside of my main speciality of Orthopaedics!

Why did you choose HCA?

I needed an agency that covered the whole of the country and allowed me to work in both metro and rural areas. working in metro and rural all over. What I love about the HCA team is that I got to know a specific consultant and she got to know me, my story and what I wanted. I felt really supported and getting work was easy.

How has HCA been able to help you in your career?

I have been able to grow my skills and travel ‚ without HCA I wouldn’t have had the chance to work in the different states and get to know the ins and outs of each health department and facility. QLD, NSW and WA are all so different!


Congratulations Lakota! We hope you have a great time as you and your partner travel home with your winning points.

We would like to thank everyone who worked really hard throughout July. We encourage anyone who is yet to log onto the HCA Rewards website to do so, and have a look at the points you’ve accumulated this month and see what you can spend them on.

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