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Disability Employment Services  Sector set to improve after Royal Commission

Disability Employment Services Sector set to improve after Royal Commission

In Aug 2022, the findings of a Disability Employment Sector (DES) Performance assessment conducted in December 2021 by the Department of Social Services were published. All DES providers were assessed, and this resulted in 52 DES providers having their services reduced or discontinued due to low or poor ratings.


What is DES?
DES is short for Disability Employment Services, and they were designed to help people with disabilities, or short to long-term injuries or illnesses find work and keep a job. To deliver these services DES providers are given funding to provide this service. DES Providers are a mix of large to medium and small for-profit and not-for-profit organisations experienced in the disability sector in providing care and support as well as aiding employers to support employees with disability in the workplace.


What are the benefits of a DES service?

A person with a disability would engage a Disability Employment Service provider if they were looking to access benefits like a dedicated employment consultant that can discuss career goals, assist in the creation of a resume, identify, and highlight skills and attributes that an employer would find appealing, and assistance in searching for jobs and preparing for interviews.


Why an assessment?

With the ever-changing economic and employment landscape, employment support needs to evolve and take new opportunities and not focus on traditional avenues of work. The nature of work is changing, more people are now seeking work in part-time, short-term, and casual opportunities. Since the covid-19 pandemic, possibilities, and opportunities for a flexible work approach such as work from home have risen which can minimise the impact of daily barriers for people with disability, such as a lack of suitable transport or accessible buildings.


What are we all aiming for?

Although this decision will affect thousands of people with disabilities, Disability Employment services are on their way to being improved. The remaining DES system strives to support each individual and match skills and abilities in placement and employment as each person with a disability deserves the best possible service in helping to find employment.

Disability Employment Services

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Healthcare Australia provides direct care solutions to people with disabilities through the NDIS as an NDIS service provider. Healthcare Australia is not a Disability Employment Service but can help with connecting our customers to one if they would like.

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