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Healthcare Australia’s 2022 Wrap up
Healthcare Australia

Healthcare Australia’s 2022 Wrap up

HCA’s 2022 Wrap Up

Coming to the end of 2022 and into the silly season can bring up an abundance of emotions for everyone. For some people, the end of the year means New Year’s resolutions and exciting new beginnings and for others, it might mean working hard and keeping your head down. For Healthcare Australia, it has been a huge year! From COVID ups and downs to a lot of announcements, we wanted to do a recap and highlight some exciting new ventures for 2023. For 2023 we have an ABUNDANCE of exciting new things coming. This year, we want to make sure our staff feel appreciated and supported for all the hard work that you do every day for us. Feeling appreciated for the work that we do is important, life can be crazy outside of work, especially around the silly season, and it is so important to love what you do and to be seen for it. We see you, and we value every single one of you, so 2023 is for you!



We hired Brand Ambassadors, Xana & Jess. Xana & Jess are nurses behind the scenes to be advocates for YOU, the team on the floor. They’re nurses with a wealth of knowledge about agency nursing in the metro and rural and remote spaces. Having nurses on the inside will allow critical issues to be raised and discussed, and let your voices be heard!


2022 Wrap up


Xana & Jess have a Facebook page where you can ask questions and chat with them about agency nursing. Give them a follow
HCA Ambassadors | Facebook

If you want to get to know the girls more, read their blog:
Introducing Brand Ambassadors Xana And Jess



We started a podcast! “For the Health of It” Podcast is a podcast made for healthcare professionals by nurses on the inside. Our Brand Ambassadors Xana & Jess host the podcast, interviewing HCA staff, nurses, doctors, midwives and other people with interesting stories and interesting lives within healthcare. We recently interviewed nurse comedian Georgie Carroll about her life, her transition from nursing to comedy, and some hilarious stories about being in the thick of it. If there is anything you want us to talk about or anyone you want us to interview, please shoot us a message on social media and let us know!


2022 Wrap up


Give it a listen now on Spotify!:
Click here



Finally, you will be able to get out of those polo shirts and into some comfy new scrubs! These scrubs have been tried and tested by nurses and are made by an all-Australian company. There will be an option for a top and bottom or a set, and they are stretchy and great quality. They are quick-dry, have antimicrobial qualities and are made from recycled materials and all bio-based materials AND are hypoallergenic. It’s an all-around yes from us! Stay tuned.


2022 Wrap up



To celebrate and honour our staff, we are going to be having a gala dinner in each state for our healthcare staff. This will be an opportunity to mingle with other staff and colleagues, meet new people, win some awards and prizes and have a fun time! Keep an ear out for the upcoming plans and what this will look like.


2022 Wrap up



This year the giveaways will continue. The Christmas giveaways will not end, and the rewards and giveaways will continue way into 2023. Stay tuned for more announcements on what this will look like, but I tell you what, it is going to be exciting!!


2022 Wrap up



We are also extending the education allowance to metro areas. Currently, rural and remote staff get an education incentive for working a 6- or 12-week contract. Up to $1000 in education allowance per year can be accrued by working 12 weeks with R&R. How this looks for metro is still being figured out, but it is coming! These allowances for education can be used on ANY course that is health-related. It can be used on Advanced Life Support (ALS), upskilling courses, Rural Emergency Course (REC), Maternity Emergency Course (MEC), immunisation courses and so much more! You absolutely don’t need to use them for HCA-specified courses, you just have to complete the course, submit your certificate and invoice payment along with a reimbursement form and WHA-LA you can get up to $1000 back! (As long as you have completed the appropriate hours.)


2022 Wrap up


We hope the end of your 2022 is great and your 2023 is even better, and we hope these little touches help bring some light and appreciation to the work that you all do.
And if you’re reading this and haven’t joined us yet, make sure you apply below with your CV!

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If you would like to discuss your Aged Care Learning needs and how the HCA LMS might match your organisational requirements, contact us today.

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