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How is technology improving the health of seniors?
Aged Care

How is technology improving the health of seniors?

Like other sectors aged care is seeing the positive impact of emerging technology. Whilst the Aged care sector in Australia is dealing with financial sustainability; the use of innovative and emerging technology is playing a major role in providing the highest quality of care..

There is increased utilization of Health Information Technology such as electronic medical records, cloud-based medical records and integrated health database has enhanced the chronic disease and remote disease monitoring for older community dwellers. Cloud based or integrated database is assisting medical professionals with clinical decision making and reducing the medical errors. Use of ICT in hospital or aged care facilities is providing different ways for older individuals to stay in charge of their health via the use of Internet, mobile devices, smartphones and tablets. Use of remote patient monitoring devices is increasing and proving to be of great help to medical professionals in managing problems, saving cost and providing timely interventions.

There is use of individual smart devices, such as phones, tablets, wearable GPS devices, watches, monitoring devices and not to be missed the physiological sensor devices does play crucial information in transmitting and receiving vital information, i.e., heart rate, abrupt movements such as falls, health reminders and locating seniors in events of emergency.

Apart from ICT, other emerging technologies are also assisting aged community to adapt to their changing physical and mental abilities and improving their health. For instance, technical expertise combined with clinical know-how has reduced the mortality and cost associated with pressure injuries in aged care facilities.

The emergence of assistive technologies is helping in promoting self-care and autonomy of choice of care for seniors. Mobility devices, hearing aids, adaptive living technologies (beds, smart doors, toilets, recliners and many more) and centralized control panels are few examples of such tech expertise, which are intricate in today’s complex and person centralize health care for our aged community.

Whilst in recent times we have seen the emergence of innovative technologies in seniors healthcare, it is fair to say that the best is yet to come!

Sandeep Gupta – Healthcare Australia Physiotherapist

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