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Interview with Shauntay Malkind New Orleans, Louisiana
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Interview with Shauntay Malkind New Orleans, Louisiana

We had a chat with a lovely Nurse from the United States (US), Shauntay Malkind about her experience working with Healthcare Australia as a Medical Surgical Nurse. Shauntay tells us why she chose a career in Nursing, the move to Australia with her family and why she loved working as an Agency Nurse for Healthcare Australia.

HCA: Why did you choose Nursing?

Shauntay: When I completed High School, I started working in a Long Day Care Centre running after the kids and taking special care of them when they got sick. I had a friend who was studying to be a Nurse, whilst working in the ICU department and it got me thinking about my career. I loved working at the Day Care Centre, but I felt I could offer so much more. I decided to specialise in Medical Surgical Nursing and studied for 2 years at Arizona State University.

HCA: Why did you make the move to Australia?

Shauntay: My husband is studying to become a Doctor, so he applied to a school in Australia and was accepted. Within 45 days we packed up and moved to Australia with our child. We didn’t know how long we were going to be in Australia for, so I decided to do some Nursing shifts to keep myself busy with another agency. I met a friend in the Emergency Department and she told me how good working for Healthcare Australia was. She got freedom and flexibility with her shifts, so I decided to give it a go!

HCA: Was it easy to start working with HCA?

Shauntay: Yes! I got in touch with Melissa Simpson from the International Department, she was great and helped me with the processes. As I was on my husband’s Visa and registered with AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Association) prior to coming to Australia, this made the process 10x easier and I could start working right away. It’s always good to come prepared! I started working in Ipswich, Queensland as a Nursing Assistant. I also worked in Aged Care and some general agency work in Brisbane.

HCA: Why did you like most about Agency Nursing?

Shauntay: I loved the flexibility and freedom. I already had one child before making the move and had another child in Australia, so I needed that work-life balance. This was especially true because I didn’t have my extended family support. I was told about my shifts 4 weeks in advance, so I could prepare my week and ensure I had time with my husband and kids. Since being back in the US, I have found it difficult to find casual work as there are not as many agencies.

HCA: What made working with HCA different?

Shauntay: I liked the format of HCA and how everything was done. I was always treated nicely as an Agency Nurse at the hospitals and HCA made the transition easy.

HCA: What are you up to now?

Shauntay: Since I came back to the States, I have gone back to full-time Nursing, my husband is in his third year as a Registrar and preparing to graduate in March 2019. We will be more than likely coming back to Australia once he graduates, as we both loved the working and living environment.

If you are considering working in Australia, register your interest.If you would like more information and you’re located in New Zealand, US, Canada, Hong Kong and other parts of Asia, email the New Zealand office on [email protected].Or if you’re in the UK, Ireland, Europe, Africa or the Middle East email the UK office on [email protected].

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