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Joining Healthcare Australia gave me flexibility
Agency Nurses

Joining Healthcare Australia gave me flexibility

Amy Gaffey started work as an Agency Nurse to spend more time with her family

For Amy Gaffey, working night duty and feeling guilty when she cancelled a shift was always just part of being a Nurse. However, three years ago, after working as a Registered Nurse for 10 years in paediatrics, intensive care and aesthetics, she grew tired of not being able to plan her life and joined Healthcare Australia. Registering with Australia’s leading nursing agency group let Amy take control of her life and work the hours that suited her family and lifestyle.

I always knew I wanted to be a Nurse and I have loved being able to help patients throughout my career, says Amy, but I never loved missing social events and working nights. When I first met my partner Andrew, my mum used to jokingly warn him about what I was like when I worked night duty!

After I had my first son, Caleb, it became even harder to work to a hospital’s roster ‚ as anyone with kids knows, it is difficult to plan your life three to four months in advance. In 2009 when Caleb was six, I joined Healthcare Australia as an Agency Nurse and regained my work-life balance.

Now focusing on aesthetics, Amy is able to enjoy working when and where she likes. The team at Healthcare Australia are fantastic. They know that I like morning shifts and that I don’t like to travel, so they contact me about shifts that suit me, she says. It was also so much easier to balance motherhood and work after I had my youngest son Ethan a year ago, now that I work with Healthcare Australia.

If you are looking for an Agency Nursing position that provides the flexibility to suit your busy life, search jobs available.

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