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Life as an English Nurse in Australia
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Life as an English Nurse in Australia

UK or Australia – tempted to make a move? We recently caught up with Richard, our ‘Battle of the States’ competition Go Pro Hero 5 winner. Richard is from the UK and recently moved to Oz in search of an adventure. Now working with HCA, Richard is soaking up the 24-degree winter sunshine in Queensland. We asked him some questions about Nursing in Australia vs. the UK, here’s what he had to say;

Where in the UK are you from and what enticed you to make the move to Australia?

I’m from Southampton but I live and work in Hackney for a Children and Adolescent Mental Health service. I started a new one-year contract job in January 2017 and was beginning to look at my options for when the contract ended. Seeing tons of adverts for nursing in Australia and looking for a chance to do something very different, my girlfriend and I decided to take the plunge. During the planning stage my job back home became permanent, but fortunately, they allowed me to have a year’s sabbatical and I am due back in January 2019! This works out well for me, as I love my job back home, but have also had the chance to experience something very different out here.

What’s your favourite thing about Nursing here vs. the UK?

Mental Health in the UK is often quite influenced by Australian based research and practice, it has been enjoyable to see how this is implemented here in comparison to back home.

Does working as a Nurse for HCA make it easy for you to travel, work and learn to surf?

I have just moved to the Gold Coast and despite being in a different state, it was easy to start working with HCA. After making a call and dropping into the office, I was good to go. The flexibility of working agency really helps when you want to travel and work.

I’m actually quite big into my surfing back home. Unfortunately, we didn’t have much chance in Melbourne. We had just moved to the Gold Coast last week, so I’m itching to get back on the waves.

What was the most challenging part about moving to Oz and do you have advice for new applicants?

The AHPRA process is a huge pain ‚ it’s best to start early and don’t underestimate how long it will take to come through. My advice would be to break all of their emails down into short, simple questions, so you know what is required. Always remember to pick up the phone and inquire about your application.You never know, something could be missing or miscommunicated. You’re better safe than sorry!

Apart from the weather, what do you miss most about the UK?

The world cup is on at the moment, so I’m not loving waking up at 4 am to watch the games while my mates sit in a sunny beer garden!

Where are you going on your next adventure in OZ?

Since I recently moved to Gold Coast, I will be doing lots of exploring here for the next few months. Then continuing up the East Coast, before flying over to Perth for some camping and returning home for Christmas!

Whether you’re looking to relax on Bondi Beach, travel the East Coast in a camper, or experience an authentic ‘Aussie’ adventure with HCA’s Rural & Remote roles, Nursing with HCA provides the ideal opportunity to travel and work.Click here to get started.

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