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5 ways to succeed in your long distance relationships while travelling
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5 ways to succeed in your long distance relationships while travelling

5 ways to succeed in your long distance relationships while travelling


If you’re like most people, you love travelling. Seeing new places and experiencing new cultures is exciting and rewarding for the soul. But what do you do if you have a partner who doesn’t share your wanderlust spirit? How to make long distance relationships work while travelling?


The statistics on long distance relationships are encouraging. It has been shown that couples who live apart have shown tendencies to have the same levels or more satisfaction in their relationships as couples who live geographically close. It’s also shown that the same couples also have higher levels of dedication without the feelings of being stuck.


With the help of things such as long distance date ideas and many articles on how to make long distance relationships work, a couple living with countries and continents between them can absolutely succeed.


As the world is now, most couples find themselves living geographically apart at one time or another, be that because of work trips, differences in educational institutions, or otherwise. It is common for couples to reference a time they were forced to live apart to be an important cornerstone of their relationship.


Through trial and error, and with the help of the many ways to keep a relationship strong, you will learn together how to make long distance relationships work.


1. Technology is Important

The most obvious way of keeping a relationship strong is through the use of technology. Social media, FaceTime, online movie date nights, and old-fashioned phone calls will keep you connected and up to date. With instant messaging, video calling and photo-sharing apps, feeling connected to your partner is easy.

2. Be Committed

As with any relationship, commitment is an essential part of learning how to make long distance relationships work. Viewing your relationship in the same way as you would a relationship with close geographical proximity provides assurance, trust, and strengthens your bond with your partner.

3. Set An End Date

Having an end goal is significant for you and your partners’ peace of mind. Discuss with your partner how you will realistically break the distance while you’re abroad. If this seems too far off for you, or too serious of a conversation to have at this point in your relationship, try agreeing on a meet-up date or planning a trip you will take together. Having a time where you can physically be together to look forward to is an incredible motivator to making it work.


Long Distance Relationships

4. Plan Dates

Plan regular dates. Coming up with long distance date ideas can be a date in itself. Knowing you have a phone call planned after a long day at work will garner excitement. Setting up a weekly online movie night/ TV series or playing online games together will keep things fun and engaging outside of your normal day-to-day communication.

5. Stick to a Schedule

Without the guarantee of bumping into each other or relying on living in the same house, blocking out some time and sticking to a schedule will be a wonderful reassurance. Block out some time in advance in your schedule where you know you will talk to your partner will alleviate any double bookings, confusion, and doubt.

Will You Make it Work?

It is true that long-distance relationships can be tricky. However, if you are proactive, committed to maintaining open and honest communication, and staying optimistic, there is no reason your relationship can’t survive the distance.


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