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Part Four – Interview with Dr Mark Norman Chief Medical Officer

Welcome to our final interview of our four-part series with Dr Mark Norman, Chief Medical Officer at Healthcare Australia Defence (HCA) and Medical Officer (MO) On-base at Australian Defence Force (ADF) Health Centres.

In part one, we talked with Dr Mark about his medical background, how he began his career as a Doctor and his transition from working as a General Practitioner (GP) to working as a Medical Officer On-base at ADF Health Centres. Check out the part one here.

In part two, Dr Mark spoke with us about his active involvement in the Healthcare industry, the working environment On-base and the differences between working as a Doctor in Private Practice and On-base. In case you missed it, check out part two here.

In part three, we learnt about Dr Mark’s typical working day On-base, the various locations he has worked at and how HCA Defence has supported him in his role, check out part three here.

Now that you know a little more about what it’s like working On-base as a Medical Officer, we thought we would finish the interview with some of the challenges Dr Mark faces daily and how he overcame them, the most rewarding part of working On-base and advice for new recruits considering working with HCA Defence.

HCA Defence: What challenges do you face daily?

Dr Mark Norman: Sometimes challenges present themselves at short notice, particularly due to sudden operational requirements to prepare for deployment of Military Personnel, however these situations see the team come together and accomplish the task. Once you get used to Defence protocols, it gets easier and you will naturally become more efficient. There is a great deal of local support. I recommend taking advice from your colleagues & supervisors and you will do well!

HCA Defence: What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Dr Mark Norman: I always say it’s the supportive team and the people within the facilities. It is great to have supportive individuals and resources when there is a complex medical problem to deal with. It’s very different to civilian General Practice where you often feel quite isolated in dealing with the problems that present.

HCA Defence: What drives you in your role On-base?

Dr Mark Norman: My passion for helping people, especially those who protect and defend our country. I enjoy the company of others and that’s what makes my job so special.

HCA Defence: What advice do you have for new recruits?

Dr Mark Norman: The first thing I would say is ‘Welcome On-board and enjoy the ride’. It’s about having a go and maybe even finding a new passion for your job. HCA Defence offers something unique and different. I think all Medical Professionals should experience working On-base with HCA Defence at least once in their career.

HCA Defence: Would you recommend HCA Defence to other Healthcare Professionals?

Dr Mark Norman: Yes! I would highly recommend to other Doctors, Nurses and Healthcare Professionals. You will learn new skills, meet new people, have an extremely supportive and friendly team around you and HCA Defence will be there to support you, so there is nothing to lose!

Thanks for reading the final interview with Dr Mark. If you would like to find out more about GP Defence roles, please [email protected] or call us on 1300 422 001.


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