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Been Made Redundant? 5 Tips On Getting A New Job

Been Made Redundant? 5 Tips On Getting A New Job

How to Get a New Job After Being Made Redundant


It’s hard to cope with the sudden loss of your job, but it can be especially difficult if you weren’t expecting it. You may feel like giving up or that there will never be something better for you out there, but that’s not true! There are many things you can do to make sure that your next opportunity is the best one yet.


This blog post provides five steps to take after being made redundant in order to make finding new work faster and easier than ever before.


How to Get a New Job After Being Made Redundant: A 5-Step Plan

How to Get a New Job After Being Made Redundant
How to Get a New Job After Being Made Redundant

Step One: Let Go of the Past and Focus on Moving Forward


Hiring managers have a bad habit of looking at your experience when considering you for a job. So, it’s important that you don’t let the fact that you were fired or made redundant define who you are as a person and what kind of worker you can be in future jobs.


Let go of any negative feelings toward your past job, and instead focus on all the positive things you have done in your career so far. How did you help previous employers? How would they describe a worker just like you?


Hiring managers will want to know that there is more to you than being made redundant, so take the time now to reflect on what makes you a great worker.


Step Two: Identify What You Can Learn from this Situation


Make sure that you take the time to step back and identify what you can learn from this unfortunate situation. How will it change how you find new work? How do your personal skills need improvement? How much more confident are you now than before getting fired or made redundant?


The good thing about learning a hard lesson is that it makes you a much stronger person in general. Figure out how you can use this to your advantage, and do so.


Step Three: Know What New Job Opportunities are Available


This is the time to take an objective look at yourself and think about what you want from a job. How much money do you need to be making in order for this opportunity to be worth it? How many hours per week would you like to work? What is the ideal position for your skill set and education level?


Knowing what new opportunities are available helps you when going out looking because instead of just applying anywhere, you know that this is the perfect chance for you to pursue.


Step Four: Create a Career Plan


It’s easy to get lost in the possibilities of your future when you have no clue where you want to go. These days, it seems like more and more people are changing career paths a lot sooner than they used to.


By creating a plan for yourself, not only will you feel better about finding new work quickly, but employers will know that you have a clear idea of where your future is going.


Step 5: Refine and Adapt Your CV


Before you send out your resume, it’s important to look over what information is on there. How can you make it better? How does your experience match up with the new job opportunities that are available now?


Having a great CV will help ensure that hiring managers take time out of their busy schedules for interviewing you and considering you for a new job.


Final Thoughts


By following these steps, you’ll be able to get back into the workforce quickly and efficiently. This time around, though, you’re going to make sure that it’s with an employer who is right for your needs so that there won’t ever be another chance for you to be made redundant again.


If you’re in need of assistance, reach out to us at Healthcare Australia. No matter what your speciality or level, becoming part of the HCA team opens you up to new possibilities.


Take charge of your career and enjoy work/life balance in our colourful cities or out in our beautiful rural and regional areas. Full time, part-time, agency, or contract, the choice is yours.


We wish you the best of luck!

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