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Empowering Rural Nursing Choices: How Facility Fact Sheets Are Changing the Game
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Empowering Rural Nursing Choices: How Facility Fact Sheets Are Changing the Game

What are HCA’s Rural Nursing Facility Fact Sheets?

Are you a nurse, midwife, or carer interested in working regional and rural nursing, but concerned about venturing into the unknown? Healthcare Australia is here to help. In addition to our experienced and knowledgeable consultants, who guide you throughout the placement process, we also offer our aptly named Facility Fact Sheets.


The primary aim of the Rural and Remote’s Facility Fact Sheets is to assist healthcare professionals in making informed decisions about their potential workplaces. At the time of this writing, there are over 1,500 placements available, many of which could be considered hidden gems. This underscores the dual benefit of the fact sheets: unveiling new opportunities and offering a fresh perspective on work settings.

Inblog imagery 4 - Healthcare Australia
Hundreds of rural nurses are currently working across Australia.. Here’s one in Tasmania enjoying time off during a placement in Burnie.


These Fact Sheets not only highlight the amenities, activities, and attractions of a location but also provide a comprehensive insight into what one can expect from a specific facility. In other words it covers what a location offers both in and out of work. This encompasses logistical details like how you’ll reach the place, the prevailing climate, accommodation details, relevant cultural information about the community, and any associated incentives for the placement.


A Glance at Existing Fact Sheets and What’s on the Horizon

Currently, there are over 50 HCA Rural and Remote Facility Fact Sheets available, with more in the pipeline. This collection encompasses major hospitals, multi-purpose services (MPS), and residential aged care facilities (RACF) across all states, offering a tantalizing glimpse into each state’s offerings. There are some big names here, namely there’s healthcare facilities in Darwin, Albany, Hobart and beyond. The Facility Fact Sheets first launched in 2022 so the library has quickly grown and even better it’s accessible round the clock both on the website and the app.

Inblog imagery 1 - Healthcare Australia
Darwin is one of the locations included in the current library of Facility Fact Sheets


What truly elevates these Fact Sheets to an invaluable resource is when they are our live vacancies list and interactive vacancy map which are available on the eHCA app and the Healthcare Australia website. They can pave the way for meaningful discussions with your consultants about potential placements, helping you make a significant difference in communities that truly need support. Just note, to get access to the Fact Sheets, vacancies, and interactive map you do need to be registered with Healthcare Australia Rural and Remote; however, get there is a preview available at the end of the article.

Rural Nursing Interactive Vacancies Map
A preview of the interactive vacancies map which shows acute and aged care rural nursing placements, plus metro placements


Of late, Queensland has been in the spotlight of our Fact Sheets, driven by its rising demand in clinical areas like Aged Care, Emergency Department, Midwifery, OT, Primary Health, and Mental Health. Queensland, with its diverse outback, tropical, and coastal locales, holds a myriad of opportunities waiting to be explored by travel nurses. In October 2023 there will be a series of new Fact Sheets released that will delve into locales in Torres and Cape, Central Queensland, North West Queensland, the Darling Downs region, and more!

Inblog imagery 2 - Healthcare Australia
Pictured is Port Douglas. There are surrounding communities covered by the Fact Sheets requiring HCA nurses and midwives.


How Can You Access HCA’s Fact Sheets?

As previously mentioned, to access the Fact Sheets, you’ll need to register your interest with Healthcare Australia Rural and Remote. But if you’re eager and wish for a sneak peek, you can preview them on our HCA Rural and Remote Facility Fact Sheets Preview page.


If you’re interested in making the leap from rural nursing to Remote Area Nursing you might like to read about HCA’s RAN pathway, check it out: 4 Locations Showcasing HCA’s Remote Area Nursing Pathway

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