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Things to consider with self-managed Home Care Packages
Aged Care

Things to consider with self-managed Home Care Packages

Home Care Packages

Once you’ve been approved for a Home Care package, you’ll likely be researching Home Care Providers that can deliver your care and services. However, it is important to ask yourself, ‘should I self-manage my Home Care Package?’


This is not a new concept, but after the Royal Commission into Aged Care, there has been an increase to the number of providers promoting themselves as a self-management option.

What is a self-managed Home Care Package?

Once you have received care and services from a Home Care Provider, there are two main roles they will perform for you-

  • Manage your package funds
  • Manage your care

These fees may be charged separate or as a lump sum together, but what exactly are these different fees?

Home Care - Healthcare Australia
Home Care – Healthcare Australia


  1. Package Management – this describes the way a provider’s work with the government to manage your funds on your behalf. However, regardless of whether you are self-managed or not, a provider will still manage these funds to pay for your care, all providers charge a Package management fee.
  2. Care Management – this service is provided to you to make sure you are getting the most out of your Home Care Package care and services. Healthcare Australia provides full care management through our care and support coordinators. You can see a full breakdown of our services and charges here:


What does self-management mean?

If you decide to self-manage, you won’t have to pay the “Care management fee” but you may receive little to no support and will have to do most, if not all of, the work for yourself. People may choose to take on self-management if they have very basic care needs and are happy to do the extra work themselves.


Self-management also means you will need to find your own workers and negotiate prices with them. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that you will secure service workers for a lower price than an experienced and knowledgeable Care Manager. Healthcare Australia has a full breakdown of our services and charges here:


Why a provider managed fund may work for you

When you have a provider managed fund, you will be allocated a Care Manager from your provider whereas if you choose to self-manage, you are taking on the role of Care Manager yourself. You may receive little to no support if you self-manage, and this can be very daunting.


You will have to manage Support Workers almost completely by yourself, making sure they are charging you fairly and are the best person for the job. You will need to replace the worker if they want to stop working for any reason.


When you have a Care Manager working for you as a part of a provider-managed package, they will be responsible for ensuring that your package funds are used in the most cost-effective way. They will ensure you don’t miss anything that may lead to not being reimbursed if the services don’t meet government criteria.


Important things to be aware of with self-management

  1. High package management fees

Even though several providers claim self-management has ‘one low fee’, the fees charged for the administration of your package management can be extremely high. Healthcare Australia provides full care management through our care and support coordinators. You can see a breakdown of our services and charges here:


Below is the table for our fee structure at Healthcare Australia. They are some of the most competitive fees around, and we always endeavour you are getting the most out of your funding.

Home Care Funding Fees - Healthcare Australia
Home Care Funding Fees – Healthcare Australia
  1. Making a claim of greater ‘choice and control’ over the workers used

As you will not have the access and experience of managing your care, it will shorten your choices and options for making the best choice.


At Healthcare Australia, we have a large pool of support workers who have been carefully chosen across Australia. They stand out in their field and, on most occasions, have a minimum of 2 years’ experience providing support. This means we will always have a suitable support worker to assist your participant throughout their care plan.

  1. Lack of support

As some providers may claim self-management is better, reducing support while charging high fees can be a loophole. You will not receive support from a skilled Care Manager to make sure you are getting the best from your package.


At Healthcare Australia, our dedicated Client Care Support Team will help guide you and your family member through our customised onboarding process so that we can create a plan that supports your family’s goals.


Our Client Care Support team will check in on the progress of you and your family member once a month, providing detailed information on how they can improve their care and to make sure they have a dedicated support worker who best matches their needs.


You can rest easy knowing no matter what comes your way, we are here to support you. Having a direct contact within our Client Care team means you can contact them directly with any additional needs you may require.


For more information about Healthcare Australia’s services and charges for care management, head to the link below:



If you would like to discuss your Aged Care Learning needs and how the HCA LMS might match your organisational requirements, contact us today.

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