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Seven reasons why home care is the answer to aging well
Aged care

Seven reasons why home care is the answer to aging well

We all want our parents and grandparents to continue enjoying life as they get older, we want to be able to support them and ensure they receive the high level of care they deserve.

So how can we help them find somewhere that is an affordable, respectable environment that allows them to keep their independence?

The answer for many people is home care. It empowers older Australians to continue doing things that are meaningful to them, maintain connection to their local community whilst having their needs supported.

Why is home care the answer to aging well, check out the seven reasons below?

  1. Retaining independence is important for many older people who have looked after themselves their whole lives but now may need a little extra help. They can continue to keep their normal routine, such as going to their local coffee shop or grocery store, and their family can visit anytime.
  2. At home, they receive one-on-one care and having undivided attention from a home care worker ensures all their needs are looked after with a bonus of developing friendships with someone outside the family.
  3. Being in familiar surroundings with their own things, such as personal items, pets, photographs and other memorabilia.
  4. Everyone’s needs are different. That’s why home care is essential to ensuring people receive the appropriate level of support and care from a person they feel comfortable with. e.g one person may seek gardening assistance, while another may need a little help getting their day started.
  5. The freedom to live life on their own terms in deciding what they want to do and when they want to do it is empowering.
  6. Many people want to stay in their own home if possible and it’s important to respect their wishes. With many feeling a lost sense of purpose as they age, it’s imperative to let them retain their voice, identity and independence.
  7. Depression and anxiety are more common as people age and being taken away from home is extremely stressful for the individuals and their families. They are more likely to feel positive and happy in their own environment with a supportive community.

More home care options have become available as the Australian population continues to age and is expected to have more than 40,000 Australians living to 100 or older by year 2100. Currently we have around 87,000 government packages and we’re expected to have 151,000 packages by 2022, so home care will become the new norm.

If you have a family member in need of in-home care services, the team at HCA Home are here for you, so don’t feel like you need to navigate the aged care journey alone. Our HCA Home team are happy to share what they know about aged care and talk through your options for free. Call 1300 422 111 (Press 2), email [email protected] or visit the website.

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