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Travel Nursing at its Most Breathtaking: Tasmania
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Travel Nursing at its Most Breathtaking: Tasmania

Why come to Tasmania?

Well, I have not been here before and through my work travel nursing I provided was an opportunity for me to come and explore Tasmania. It was one place that I wanted to see. Being my first time to Tasmania, I also didn’t know what to expect.


Are you able to go on trips often, and what have you seen so far?

I try to go somewhere when I can, I’ve gone so far along the A1 to the west until it stopped (200 km). Here’s a few of the places I’ve visited so far:

  • Cradle Mountain
  • Ben Lomod
  • Port Arthur
  • Mt Wellington

Anywhere in Tasmania is a travel nursing paradise. It is very country: Hills, mountains, lakes. Cows too, I have never seen a cow that was black in both ends and white in the middle until now.

Cradle Mountain Travel Nursing with HCA Rural and Remote
Peter’s photo of Cradle Mountain that he shared on the HCA Remote & Rural Placement Passport group.


Cradle Mountain is beautiful. It was just luck that I got the above photo. I saw a rainbow forming, but it was very faint. I started walking back to the pickup point for the shuttle. I turned around as that is what I saw.


What’s something you wish you knew before you went?

Pack for all seasons. Temperature varies widely and can be from 0 °C to 16 °C. Always have a raincoat handy or snow gear if wanting to explore. Take your time and look around as you drive. Never know what you will see.


What’s the facility like in Burnie, and how’s the work — does it differ to prior R&R placements?

Yes. In terms of being a travel nurse, it’s very different to prior placements I’ve been to in Cooktown and Albury.


Burnie is a 160-bed hospital. The emergency department is 15 bed, made up of different areas plus a heli pad. Burnie covers west of Launceston to the west coast of Tasmania and down to Strahan. My main issue if using different equipment and systems in each state.


Burnie is a great place to work, staff are friendly and helpful. Work’s busy but organised and the cafeteria has good food during day’s shift for $6.00 a meal. The people are great to work with, many are juniors, so there are plenty of extra shifts if you want. Everyone gets along well and are respectful.


You mentioned you’d been to see Ben Lamod. What is that?

Ben Lomod is a look-out in the national part that I wanted to see. You can find it on Google Maps, there’s some great pics. It was a little rainy and cold when I visited, and the forecast was -6 °C overnight. I was hoping to see some snow. The drive was good and interesting (plenty of cows.)


The road up the mountain, Jacobs ladder, never again” Cliffs on one side and 1000ft drop on the other. Scariest drive I have done!


What’s your favourite moment of travel nursing in Tasmania so far?

Port Arthur, Cradle Mountain and Mt Wellington. I would say taking photos of the Aurora Australia but was not to be. Not yet LOL.

Port Arthur Tasmania Rural and Remote
The Port Arthur historic site in Southern Tasmania is the best preserved penal colony in all of Australia.


Where to next with HCA Rural and Remote?

I am open to anything, just waiting to see what will come up.


Other TIPS on coming to Tasmania.

  • Go by car or organise a vehicle
  • Buy a yearly park entry ($90)
  • No need to pay for recliner on the ferry, plenty of sitting areas
  • Bring warm snow gear
  • Take lots of photos
  • Explore!


– Peter B

  HCA R&R Acute RN

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